Relief from political distress, day 75…


Whenever we vacation down at Daytona Beach Shores, my husband and I make a point of doing something the opposite of when we are home. Namely, we willingly rise before sunrise and take a mile and a half hike down the beach to the pier, turn around and walk and walk back. Usually by the time we arrive at our condo time share, the sun is just beginning to crest the horizon. I can’t tell you the number of pictures I have of the sun rising in the east. But I can tell you, with no uncertainty, they are all more beautiful than the one before.

One day, shortly after I snapped this beauty,  I tweeted the photo out to my friends in the Twitterverse and the Daytona Tourism Bureau saved and then retweeted (sent it out) to their followers. Made me feel special. Of course, this also confirmed that almost anyone with a camera can take a beautiful sunrise photo, especially when your subject is as magnificent as this.


apples off the same tree


Yes! The kids have returned to school which means (to them) they can now ignore all their summer chores in the process. Meanwhile when I arrive home from work, I shake my head in wonderment. Damn kids, take after “teenager” me!

For the past two days, a basket of clean clothing has sat conspicuously in the middle of the living room’s main walk way while my kids either stepped over or pushed it aside, as they walked through. In addition, Monday afternoon when I began to tell the doll the dishwasher held clean dishes she put up her hand to give me a “stop” sign and said, “Stop. Got it Mom…” Yet, last night I found myself unloading that same dishwasher with clean dishes when I found we were out of silverware.

“Mom, I was sidetracked by homework…” The doll said and then added, “Besides, I’m not the only kid who lives here…” “True, you’re not,” I agreed adding, “But YOU were the one who told me you “Got this” yesterday; which made me believe you were going to empty the dishwasher,” I explained. Shrugging her shoulders she replied, “Fooled you, huh,” smiled and then walked into the other room. “Shame on me once doll…” I replied as she walked away giggling to herself.


While making dinner last night, the doll made a point to sit at the table and tell me all about her classes and which ones she thought she was going to like.  “The jury is still out on Biology, mom…” “Way to give those classes more than a full class day to impress you…” I snarkly replied before adding, “Considering you’re thinking of becoming a nurse, wouldn’t that be one that you find interesting?” I asked. “Shrug,” she said and then added. “Oh and I think I have a new friend. Her name is Meghan?  She’s in three of my classes and seems nice…” “Nice,” I said in return. Do you both have the same lunch period?” I wondered. “I think so…” she replied. “So the next step is to see if she’ll sit with your group or vice versa… expand your universe doll…” I offered. She nodded for a moment and then left the room, while I turned my attention back dinner.

Relief from political stress, day 76…


The most interesting part about Yellowstone Natuonal Park, to me anyway, is that even in the most volatile of places, life continues to flourish. Take for example all the grasses tentative rate of growth around the cauldron of a super volcano. I mean, even trees somehow manage to rise up…that is until their roots are dissolved by the acidic underground. 

Sound familiar? Human life continues to flourish until forced into volatile situations; seldom without acidic roots trying to knock and keep them down. 

Together again…


The fact they have been separated for the last three years was not lost on either of them. As they entered the school together, the doll headed up two flights of stairs to her locker, while the boy turned the corner, stopped in the office to welcome the secretarial staff back from summer break, before walking down the hall to his locker. Ah yes, the Senior advantage of having a locker on the first floor. After putting his backpack away and grabbing an all purpose binder, he walked up two flights of stairs and ran smack dab into his sister-who, was struggling to open her locker. “Hey girlfriend!” Her brother shouted as he approached. She was mortified! Looking around she caught the eye of another girl who was staring at them and their interactions. “OMG what might she think??  Ewww, GROSS does she think we’re…dating? GAG!” “BOY! What’s wrong with you?” She said in a terse voice only loud enough for them both to hear. “Oh, my first class is right here, next to your locker…” He said with a smile. “Then you need to go in to the classroom…” She insisted. “Do you need any help with your locker?” He offered. “I’m fine…” She replied, hoping he would move far away from her. “Fine…you have a nice day now, you here?” He said with a patronizing tone as she shuddered and turned back to her locker.

Later, when they both climbed in the car to go home she looked at her brother and said, “Don’t you ever call me “girlfriend” again! There was a girl there who must have thought we were dating, by the way she looked back at us. Gross! EW! Gross!! I wanted to shout at her….” “You won’t…you got my one goofy hello for the year. You’ll be lucky if I say hello to you ever again…” he replied. “Thank goodness…” She said as we pulled away from the school.

Fresh(wo)man orientation…


While playing Scrabble with Mrs. K on Friday, I received a text from my doll. This was strange because she was attending Freshman orientation at her new high school and shouldn’t have been using her phone. Excited by her class schedule, she couldn’t wait to tell me all about it (which, truth be told, I LOVED) As a matter of fact, she couldn’t wait an hour until pick up; to show me her new school schedule so she sent me a text with a photo of her schedule. “Should you be texting?” I asked and she replied, “Not many teachers are here today. Mostly we’re in small groups with Stident advisers walking our class schedule and working on our locker combinations,” She replied.

When I arrived to pick her up, she said, “My locker combination is so hard, but there was this one girl a locker down who helped me…” “So you have a new friend…” I suggested. “I don’t know, she seemed nice, but I don’t know…” She replied. “Oh and my friend Allie has the same lunch as me, which means I won’t be wandering around lunch period looking like a fool…” She added. “Well we can’t have that…” I added and she shot me a disapproving glance. “But that’s how it starts, you see someone from one of your classes and sit down with them at lunch. Eventually you’ll sort it all out..” I said and she replied, “I’ll take your advice under advisement,” and then smiled. “Advisement? Are you trying to emulate your brother?” I asked and she replied, “God forbid you ever think that…” which made both of us laugh. A moment later I tried again, “Okay, fine. Just try to be friends with everyone, that’s the key,” I offered and she nodded in reply. 



Relief from political distress, day 77…


But first a little housekeeping…

Back when Mary Alice and I hung out, we used to play a game of catch, using an oversized ball and then count out loud the number of catches made. Almost every time we approached catch number 80, she instead would say “91!” Which made us both laugh, before resuming at the correct number count and continuing on.

The reason for this disclosure is because apparently I can’t count down from 102 without duplicating some days (91). Therefore, today is not day 78 (for all those keeping track), but rather day 77… 

Perhaps tonight I’ll rectify the numbers on the blogs already published. But for the record doing so, may not stop me from miscounting. Therefore reader be warned… 

Lordy Lordy, this election has been going on long enough, without me adding days… 

Bald River Falls after a little too much rain..

Relief from political distress, day 79…


Sometimes, finding the right picture for this blog can be difficult. I thought about snapping a picture of my clean kitchen counter–but apparently (according to family members behavior) a clean counter is only beautiful to me. Another shot could have been of my son mowing the backyard, his third “attempt” at doing so… But again the picture would serve no purpose other than my to feed my snarky attitude today. 

So, when I scoured my brain for a good idea I remembered last night with my doll. Earlier in the day, our area was hit by a storm that dropped mass quantities of rain over a very short time period. In fact so much rain fell, most of our streets flooded. Once the water receded, the doll and I left to attend a party, across town. “Every time I’m ready to shoot, a building blocks my view,” the doll said with a frustrated tone. She was  watching the remnant clouds from the storm slowly move across the magnificent sky and kept trying to snap some pictures with her phone. All of a sudden, I veered away from my sisters, instead pulling into a shopping center and then made a b-line toward their parking garage complex, seeking higher ground. 

When we arrived on the top floor of the garage, I pulled in, parked and we both got out and began snapping photos of the cool, early evening sky. Hope you enjoy…