Monthly Archives: February 2010

They told me to go to the nurses office….


This morning shortly after my daughter had a cavity filled, we arrived back to school in time for lunch.  Because this was a mid morning appointment, I failed to make her a lunch.  Instead, on our way back to school, I stopped and bought her some Burger King.  Once back at the school I Reminded her to heed the dentist’s  warning about  not chewing with the left  side of her mouth for a few hours.  For some reason, they didn’t use as much Novocaine as in previous cavity filling visits.  “Doll, make sure you chew on the other side of your mouth, OK.”  “Sure mom”, was her reply.

She went off to lunch, while I went into the office.  Once there, after signing her back into the school, I proceeded to use the school copy machine, to make pizza lunch slips for the next week.  After a reasonable amount of time for eating lunch had passed, my Doll came into the office.  “Hi Mom.”  Turning my attention to her, I inquired, “What ya doing here?”  She gave me a look, like I should already know.  Truth be told, I secretly believe the Nurse’s office  is her favorite room while at school.  Not a week goes by that I do not receive a phone call from that office.  Instead she said, “Mom, my left gum really hurts”.  “Well, it should, you just had a cavity filled”.  “Well they told me I should come to the nurse’s office.”  I’m sure they did, I thought.

Honey, there is nothing here that will make that tooth feel better.  You need to go back to class.  “But they told me to come to the nurse’s office”.  “I’m sure they did, but, I’m sorry, there is nothing in there for you”.  “But they told me to go to the nurse’s office” she kept repeating, as if that held some magical charm.  Smiling back at her I said, “Well, if you think you need to go say Hi to Mrs. Noltner, be my guest, however, there is nothing here for you.  Once you’ve said hello, go back to class.”  While the ladies in the office chuckled at my answers,  I don’t think the ‘doll’  liked them.  A bit discouraged,  she decided to see if Mrs. Noltner would be more sympathetic to her plight.

She visited for only a few seconds before departing, unsuccessful in her attempts to make that left gum feel better.  Shortly thereafter, Mrs. Noltner let me in on her conversation.  “My mom doesn’t get it.  They told me to come to the nurse because my gum hurts.   I should get something to make it feel better.  She’s just being mean.”   Mrs. Noltner offered her a small ice pack to hold against her cheek then instructed her to return to recess, which she did.


While I take much pleasure in being called the mean mom, once I did finish my work, I ran home and brought a bottle of Ibuprofen back to school.  I may be mean, but I’m not unsympathetic. Plus this could potentially keep her from being whiney, come the end of the school day.