advice on being a mommy


Having two days off in a week is just wrong in my opinion.  I can see if they were consecutive days; that might make sense.  But, between MLK day and a snow, or rather ice day, this every other day of school is for the birds.  Last night as the doll dressed for bed, putting her pajama’s on inside out and backwards, I said, “Darlin’ you’re wasting your time, you’ll have school in the morning.  “Well, you never know…” she said in response.  “Why would you want another day off this week?  You’ve already had two.  Why not save your last remaining snow day for later in the year?”  “I just don’t want that free day to go unused” she said.  Oh Brother!

As a result of having kids home, fighting, Mommy’s temperament has not been the greatest.  The other morning I asked the children, “What advice could you give me that would help me not scream and yell at you so much?”  The boy was the first to speak up.  “Well, mom, you could give me back my DS”.  (He’s been grounded from his DS).  “Yeah, like that’s going to happen” I said.  “I know, but it never hurts to ask” he said with a smile.

Looking at the doll I said, “Well?  You got anything for me?”  “Sure Mom, but don’t get mad at me”.  “GO for it doll….” I said confidently.  “You could get the boy to stop bothering me”.  The boy looked across the table at her then said, “You’re the one who bothers me.  I’ll be playing by myself and the next thing I know you’re jumping on me!”  “That’s my attempt at playing with you…”  “Doll, jumping on someone is not a nice way to engage anyone in play” I said.  “But Mom, it’s the boy.  Do you expect me to play Yugioh with him?”  “Well, if you want to play with him, you should ask him what he would like to play then find a compromise”.  “I’d rather just jump on him”.  “Mom!” the boy yelled in reply.

SOOOO…I said loudly over their arguing, that’s your advice to me, to stop yelling at you, is to let you two argue over how to play with one another?  Is that right?”  Laughing they both said, “No”.  “Guys, I want you to remember me as a nice, loving Mom, but I want to remember you two as nice loving siblings.  Do you think we have a shot at that?”  “I don’t know if that’s possible” the boy said.  “Let’s try, shall we?” I said.  “Alright Mom, I’ll try, but, don’t count on the boy….” The doll said as she left the table.  “Mom, can we just send her to live with Mary and Elle?  Please?” the boy asked.  “Sorry boy that would make our life way too boring.”  “Yeah, you’re probably right, but it would be more peaceful”.


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