numbers game


The forever college student in me always seems to come up with a drinking game involving watching video footage of my children.  A home video I made as Christmas gifts this year, showed just how often my kids like to try and stick rabbit ears on each other.  Laughing as the video played on, my husband and I decided every time we saw two fingers close to being above someone’s head that would be our time to take a drink (there were plenty of opportunities).

When I picked up the girls from school yesterday, I mentioned to them that I had put their dance moves on the internet.  As you can imagine, they were excited and embarrassed both at the same time.  Once they finished their homework, we all went into the basement to view the new dance sensation video.  In attendance were Mary, ALM, Elle, Kristen and the doll.   As the video came across the monitor, the girls began to giggle and laugh at what they were seeing.  ALM commented to Mary “You like flaring your arms”…then began counting out loud each time Mary’s arms went above her head. (Another drinking game…each time her arms went above her head we could take a drink)  Before you knew it, the other girls jumped in, including Mary, counting each time those arms went above her head.  After watching the video twice the girls decided she Mary had raised her arms twenty one times (not including the times she pointed at the camera with both hands or played with her hair).   Twenty one shots of beer in a three minute video, hmmm, something to consider on really cold and boring nights I guess.

As the girls continued to watch the video they commented on every little detail.  The dog on the floor, the paused video game on the television set and most notably, the boy, on the couch playing his DS ignoring all that was going on.  Mary said “The best part was whipping my hair in Uncle Mike’s face!”  The doll added my neck still hurts from that song.  “Mine too—but only when I do this” said Elle, as she began to whip her head again.   ALM and Kristen smiled and laughed all through the video.  When I asked if they wanted to pick out a song for me to film of them, they politely said no.  I guess hanging out with three hams is enough.

Thankfully we did not count the number of times they actually whipped their heads.   And just think, if a drinking game were applied to their head whippings, we’d all be dead from alcohol poisoning.


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