The aburdity of it all….


“Mom, the absurdity of this movie keeps going on and on….” The boy said through his laughter.  We were watching a very funny movie, Rat Race (2001) that I told him at the onset, “My favorite part involves a squirrel.”  Throughout the movie the boy and I laughed out loud.  The doll fell asleep long before the movie started; she was sick with the flu.  “Of course it’s absurd…” I said.  If it weren’t we’d have no reason to watch.  “The boy kept jumping up and down , moving  about during each scene, almost in anticipation at the zaniness that was about to unfold.

I loved that he recognized this movie was an exercise in absurdity.  Then I began to think how absurd our own lives are at times.  The doll came home sick from school on Friday with a fever, aches and pains.  Because I am her mother, that basically meant I was sleeping on a love seat in the living room in case she needed anything.  The days of having a baby monitor were long gone.

The boy had a Boy Scout event to attend to Saturday morning, which thankfully put him outside for most of the day.  The doll kept me awake for most of Friday night/Saturday morning, complaining of an upset tummy and a relatively high fever—one that did not come down when medicated.  Needless to say, I was not a happy camper when 7:30 am arrived and the boy came out into the living room singing at the top of his lungs….”Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day, Everything’s coming up roses, Everything’s going my way…..” (for a brief moment I thought I could strangle him and get away with it)

“What are you doing?” I asked.  “Can’t you see your mother is asleep on this love seat? Can’t you be more considerate for those of us trying to sleep out here?” Being that he never notices anything other than when he’s hungry or needs to use the bathroom, um yeah, he never saw me there.  What’s more he was unapologetic that he had waked me up.  As I tried to not say hurtful things to him for waking my tired body up, I remembered I had to send him with a packed lunch.  Damn.

Several hours later, after I had packed his lunch, cleaned the kitchen and ran several errands; I finally sat myself back down on that love seat and began to fall asleep.  The doll, who had taken up permanent residence on one of our other couches, had also dozed off.  Just as I was entering dream land, I heard the door bell.  The boy was not due back for two hours.   Who could be standing at my door?

The Boy Scout event ended early.  Once again the boy had foiled my attempt at sleep!  DAMN! Rather than be mad I simply looked at him and said, “How absurd, how absurd” then cued the movie.  Better to laugh than be mad, I always say.


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