Christmas vacation…


The doll began Christmas vacation by packing a bag and riding her bike to a friends, to spend the night.  She yelled “Bye mom!” as she walked out of the house, excited by what her day and night might hold.  “Hey!  Get back here!” I shouted.  “What?” she said, standing in my kitchen, hand on hip and acting very perturbed that I called her back into the room.  “Can I get something more than  a quick ‘bye mom’? Please?”  Her shoulders slumped as she took two steps toward me, leaning in to give me a hug and said, “I’ll see you later mom…I love you.”  As I squeezed her back I echoed her sentiment.  Then in typical mommy fashion I said, “Get outta here!”  She smiled and left the house happy.  I just wish she wasn’t that happy to be rid of us for a night.

The boy meanwhile has discovered The Piano guys on  Youtube.  For any of you who may have missed them, I’ll load a link for you to check them out.  “Mom, you have to watch this video on the Carol of the Bells.  This has to quite possibly the best version I have ever seen!” ( He announced enthusiastically at bedtime.  I of course saw this as a stall tactic and told him I would watch independent from him.  In other words, Go to bed!

Since that initial video, he’s really been captured by the beauty of classical music, as performed by these musicians.  I’m not sure if our school’s music program has been that instrumental in capturing his imagination, but these artists certainly have.  However at this moment I’ve been thinking about banning the music from my house.  Not because they are bad mind you, but rather because how many times can you hear the same music over and over again and not get sick of them?

I know…more evidence that the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Need a second look? Great video!


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