Go figure, she might be different…


As you will read, the doll was a very determined child.  When she wanted something, she went after it, regardless what apple cart she may upset along the way…

June 30, 2003 “The doll has decided she wants to rule the household. The best way to do that? Turn off the TV.  The switch is wearing thin. Any time she wants to leave, she’ll grab her shoes, turn off the TV and head toward the front door. I remember the boy trying to  open the front door when he wanted out. But to turn off the TV?  That’s sacrilege! She complains bitterly when you turn the TV back on. (When) We’ll lightly slap her hand and say “No”, you would have thought we just stabbed her. She is so insulted. How dare you say “NO” to her? She has been trying to unlock the doors as well, but we double latched and put the dead bolt on the front door.  There are too many doors to go through to get out (into) the back, she hasn’t tried…yet, but since her dad enclosed our breeze way, we’ve stored her stroller out there.  She knows its there too.  Every time we open the door to throw anything away, guess who’s standing behind us ready to go.”

Boy have times changed….or have they?  When I happened upon this letter I laughed.  Today the doll gets mad when we declare the TV is off for the night. “But, I finished my homework and did my chores.  Where’s my reward?” She’ll complain.  I always smile back at her and say, “In a good book”.  Which prompts her to lower her shoulders and declare, “That’s not fair mom!”

When it comes to the doll a few things are hard and true.  If you’re looking for the television remote controller, you have to think like the doll–because she’s usually hidden it. Several times we’ve found the darn thing hidden in her bedroom, or strategically hidden under a pillow that she was resting against a few minutes prior.  The television has become her domain–especially all those horrid Disney Channel TV shows.  “Mom make her stop, please!” the boy implores.  He would rather watch something “educational” from  Discovery or History Channels–though lately he’s been stuck on television crime dramas–NCIS in particular. Needless to say we’ve been enjoying quiet TV-less evenings more so of late.

As for her wanting to get out and move….?  She still does, but in smaller doses.   She’s been fortunate this year to branch out and play with a few other girls from her class; one in particular who lives close by.  With the absence of dance this Spring, her relationship with classmates has become more important to her than ever before.  Last Saturday, she and her friend Felicia tried to overpower and convince Dad to allow a sleep over to happen that night.  But he reminded the girls Felicia was already spending the night the following weekend.  Together they worked on a rebuttal but dad said no.  “Mom, we tried to convince him…” the doll said with a laugh, “…but apparently not very well.”  “I could hear them practicing their lines from the kitchen….” Dad said with a smirk.

Yesterday the hub asked, “Are you going to be okay with the girls Friday night?”  Giving him a curious look I asked, “Why? Where are you going to be?”  Smiling he replied, “The boy and I are spending the night at my mothers…”  Looking at him again, my eyes narrowed as I said the most pure, true thought that came into my head…”Cowards!”  To which he replied…”Damn right!”


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