Danger Dolly


The doll has worn many hats in her days….many different names have accompanied her.  One of the most popular from her babyhood was “Danger”; penned by her father.  Why?  Because she scared the hell out of us…on a daily basis.

May 26, 2003:On Friday we attended my nephews “Friends and Family” day, at their school. This was a really neat event, where my brother took the day off of work (he was not the only father who did so) to spend the day with his kids and mine. I packed a picnic style lunch and set off on our adventure.  The boy found his cousin Noly and together they headed off in the direction of the playground. The school was furnishing a hot dog lunch, complete with drinks and ice cream bars for desert.  Leave it to my kids to prefer the lunch I had packed (chicken nuggets) over the “blackened” hot dogs they were served. In any case, the boy had a blast going up and down a ladder which was connected to a ten foot tall slide. First of all let me say, the boys were good and stayed with the doll as she climbed the ladder; while I barked orders up at them. Momentarily all three kids stopped and posed for a photograph before the boys moved forward; leaving the doll alone atop the very tall and scary slide. When her turn came, she began walking down the slide.  Not only that–high stepping the whole way. I envisioned her taking a header off that high slide and began to scream “SIT DOWN NOW!!!” My sister in law also began to yell “Doll sit down. Sit down. SIT DOWN!!!” Finally after giving her mother a brief heart attack, she lost her balance and fortunately landed on her bottom sliding the rest of the way down.  When my brother caught her at the bottom of the slide, danger doll was wearing a cheek to cheek grin. Meanwhile I was having heart palpitations.  Much to her displeasure, I did not allow her to go down that slide for the rest of the afternoon…there is after all only so much one mom’s heart can take. My brother volunteered to take her over to another play set-one without ten foot tall slides and hanged around with her for the remainder of our visit.  When the time came for us to leave, my brother smiled and handed me the doll  saying, “She’s going to be trouble…”.  I smiled back and said “You’re preaching to the choir”.

The doll was a crazy high energy exploration type of child when she was under two years of age. She has since matured and grown into a graceful young lady.  I know there are still many days ahead of us where she might earn that name back. However I’m hoping she’s given up the “scare your mom and dad at any cost” behavior for good (crossing my fingers and toes).


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