I’ve been trying to get back into walking; taking at least 10.000 steps a day, in hopes that combined with better food choices, I will begin losing some of the much unwanted weight I seemed to have put on, over the last two years. My original goal was to get back to my wedding weight by my 25th wedding anniversary (May 2015). But unless I have liposuction or a stomach reduction, I don’t see that happening. In addition, my own doctor warned we against trying to reach such massive goal in a short amount of time, by suggesting I try to lose the weight in increments. Smaller goals, to reach a higher target. As of yesterday, I’ve lost two pounds. Not much, but after a week of walking, my body feels better just for the motion alone. With luck those two pounds are only the beginning.


While out on my walk on Saturday, I passed by my friend Cathie, who was also out walking. As we came together she smiled and said, “Your boy just rode his bike passed me and waved”. Smiling back I said “Yeah I saw him, but I don’t think he spotted me.”  She smiled and asked, “Why was he wearing a coat?” Smiling back at her, I understood her question. The temperature that morning was 82 degrees Fahrenheit–most definitely not coat wearing weather. “Well, that’s one of his quirks” I replied and then added, “His coat acts as a security blanket of sorts. He really likes to wear the darn thing”. Smiling back at me she said, ‘Oh, well that’s cool. If that’s his thing, why not?”  Laughing I shook my head in agreement before we parted, to finish our own walks that day.


I received a telephone call the other day from my friend Kathy, one of the women  (in the carpool) who routinely gives the boy a ride home from school; asking if me and my husband were interested in meeting some friends out to dinner. As we made our dinner plans she interrupted and said, “Oh and by the way Marsha, I just want to tell you, I love your son. He is the ONLY one who says, “Thank you Mrs. W” and then will ask me how my day was going. All the other kids just get into my car and treat me like the bus driver. But not your son.  I really enjoy having him with me. He’s just a really cool kid”. Smiling from ear to ear I thanked her adding, “I really appreciate when other people tell me what a nice young man I’m raising. Thank you!!”


Sunday morning, as I made my final circuit through the neighborhood, I was (hailed down) stopped by an acquaintance, as she was crossing the street, walking home from her church service. After our usual “Hello’s” she smiled and said, “I have to tell you, your son is…” She began and then leaned back and looked up, as if looking upon a giant”.  Smiling I replied, “Yes, he’s quite tall…”  “How tall is he supposed to get?” She asked. “Well, we’re thinking he has anywhere from 2-3 inches left to grow. He’s almost 6′ tall now.” I replied.  “I ran into him the other day, while I was out walking my dogs. He came right up to me and asked me how I was doing, how the dogs were and was genuinely interested in what I said in return. Most young men his age barely even notice me. But your son goes out of his way to say hello to me. What a great young man you have there!” She finished. I smiled and said thank you and then continued on.


As I finished my walk that day, I came to the conclusion; what I should know from the start: My son is special, unique, quirky, loving and genuine. What you see is what you get. If others can see him for who he is, its about time I did too…football be damned.


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