And now back to the doll…


Perfectly the doll entered the kitchen last night, following Volley Ball practice and announced, “Remember this morning when I was dragging and feeling like crud?” I smiled in agreement. “Well now I feel like screaming ‘Wheee Hooo’ I’m alive!!” She finished; giggling and sporting a big wide grin. “Please don’t scream” I asked as her father and I laughed hollowly; knowing full well, when morning came back around, she’d become my moody and cruddy feeling kid again.
In 1903, a Croatian by the name of Eduard Penkala patented the design for what is now commonly referred to as The Hot Water Bottle, saver of the universe!!. To Eduard, I am forever indebted. Not only for my own occasional use of his rubber bottle with stopper design, but for having something readily available to throw at the doll every time she complains of any discomforts (she has been sleeping with the darn thing almost every night as of late) be they real or imagined.
The doll is very creative. Especially where clothes are concerned. Over the summer she became upset with me for questioning her choice of clothing for a party we were about to attend. “Doll that’s a skirt” I said surprised she was wearing it as a top. Slapping at me she replied “Knock it off mom, it’s a nice top!” Turning my head to examine the garment closer, I came to the same conclusion and said, “No, that’s a skirt”. “I hate you mom, you’re embarrassing me!” The doll replied offended by my assertion. “Fine wear a skirt for a top…!” I said but then added “You really don’t have another shirt to wear?” “Shut it!'” She replied, determined to wear the skirt for a top.

Doll 1 Mom 0

The doll received many compliments that night for her stylish design.

School picture day was this past Tuesday and the doll fretted over what to wear. Thankfully she made due with clothes she already had. Monday night she came out dressed in layered shirts with nice paisley styled skort, twirled and asked “Well?” “Very nice..” I said, impressed with her ability to make something out of not much. “Tonight I’m gonna put my hair in braids and sleep with them like that, which isn’t easy, by the way, but if this thin fine hair of mine cooperates then tomorrow I should have some nice flowing hair”.

Tuesday when she left for school, her hair looked like she had used a crimping iron and was very pleased with how the hair turned out. Later when I arrived home from work I asked her, “Did your hair cooperate?” Looking up at me she said “Nope-between the humidity and my crappy fine hair, all my work was for nothing.” “I’m sure you looked very pretty..” I said offering encouragement. She shrugged her shoulders added a “Whatever” to the conversation and then went back to reading her kindle.

Whatever indeed!


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