the sharp shinned hawk of high school…


“Mama, I had a nice little treat today in Math class” the boy began to explain. “Oh yeah? What you figured out a new concept before anyone else?” I asked. “Oh no, not math related”. He replied. “But you said you had a….” I tried to say when he began to explain what he meant. “Oh no, I mean, since there was rain this morning, while I sat in math class, I looked out the window and saw a Cooper’s hawk, fly into the brush of trees on campus. The bird was so cool, I lifted my IPad and took a picture of it”. He finished triumphantly. “Wait, what?” I replied, confused by his initial statement that he was in math class when all this began. “Well you see while Mr. Urban was giving us our lesson during math, I noticed this hawk coming in for a respite out of the rain.” “So you weren’t paying attention to your math teacher?” I asked. “No, I was listening and paying attention and taking the picture of the hawk. So in fact, I was doing all three!I

Honestly when I opened my mouth to speak, I heard my mother’s voice say to him, “Surrrre”. “No mama its true, I always pay attention…” he said. “Now I know your lying…” I said with a smile. “Well, okay, maybe ‘paying attention’ are the wrong word choices, but I do always listen.” he tried. “Even when you’re taking a picture with your IPad of something happening outside?” I asked in a sarcastic tone. “Most definitely then.” He replied with a smile, before adding, “But I may have been wrong with my original designation of the hawk.  It very well may have been a sharp shinned hawk, which, while sporting similar colors, is in fact smaller than the Cooper.”

Smiling back at him I said, “So which hawk are you?” Laughing he said “Size comparisons would make me a Cooper rather than the sharp shinned Mama. Though of course you do know I’m neither”. “Yes, you’re just interested…” I replied. “Exactly”.


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