the junk bug….


Every now and again, people begin to look at their junk and see dollar signs. Well in some cases, there really are. In mine, however, I just see more junk. Over the summer we decided to get rid of the kitchen sets the doll needed to have in order to make her life complete, once upon a time. I can still hear her  saying, “Mommy one kitchen is not enough” as she made her way to talk with Santa Claus about the possibility of his bringing her a new one. All the toys which eventually made their way to our basement, never to be played with again, were now being discarded to the curb-where I was sure someone would come along and grab them.

My next door neighbors children were first. “What are you doing?” Ariel asked. “Getting ready to give this to someone else” I replied as I placed all the pieces and parts I could find within the Little Tykes kitchen door. “Why are you putting it at your curb?” “Because then someone will come along and take it.” Both kids looked confused. “Do you need a new old kitchen?” I asked, kind of hoping it would be that easy. Instead Ariel shook her no so the kitchen set was placed at the curb. A minute later the woman who lived on the other side of me called and asked “What are you doing with those kitchens?” “I’m giving them away to whomever wants them.” I replied. “Bring them over here…I’ll take them.” And just like that, my junk became someone else’s treasure. “Why aren’t you selling them?” She wondered as I brought them over to her house. “We received these for free–hand me downs and such. It doesn’t feel right selling them” I replied.

Then Ariel spotted the doll house. “Can I have that?” she asked shyly. “Find out if its okay with your mama…” I replied and kind of prayed that it was. Sure enough her brother James appeared and the two lifted the doll house and walked off. “I’ll try to find additional furniture and send the boy with over with them” I informed as the two walked away. Later the doll asked, “Mom, did you put my old kitchens at the curb?” “I tried to doll, but….” “So they’re in the garage?” she asked a little excited. “No. Your next door neighbor took the kitchens while Ariel and James took the doll house.” Smiling she said “Really? That’s so cool”. “So you’re not mad I got rid of those old toys?” I wondered. “Well kinda, but I’m happy that you didn’t just throw them away. At least some other kids will play with them for awhile.” She replied and then went on about her day.

Ah yes, someone’s treasures being passed along is better than someone’s junk.



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