The tree incident…


This past Friday was a teacher in-service day which meant the doll did not have school. This also meant we would be leaving her at home alone, without additional family members for the first time. “Maybe I should call your Grammy and see if you could spend the day with her…?” I suggested. She looked back and said “Why?” “Gee I don’t know, maybe because your too young to hang out at home alone?” I returned. “I stayed home all summer..” She argued. “Um yes, with your brother”. I replied. “Same difference mom”.

Eventually she won out and we decided to play it by ear. She was fortunate to receive an invitation from her twin inviting her to spend the day with her parental supervised family and decided to go. The girls had an eventful day going to the library, a restaurant for lunch and a park in the afternoon. Once they returned to our neck of the woods they decided to ride their bikes over to the park in our neighborhood and climb some trees.

“Mommy…” The doll cried through the phone receiver, “Hi doll are you okay?” I asked, noting the tone of her voice was wrong. “You know the lowest branch on the tree I like to climb?” She began to explain, “Well I slipped and fell off of it and landed on by back and I thought I was dead!” She cried into the phone. “Did you get the wind knocked out if you?” I asked. She was crying and her voice kept hitching. “Uh huh but that’s not the worst part…”

“Oh no…” I thought, visions of an emergency room visit dancing in my head…

“When I fell, my twin said she was going to get me some help. But she never came back. Then when I called her, once I got home, I asked her why she left and she wouldn’t talk to me. Now she’s not talking to me at all!!”

Is it wrong that I was literally pumping my fist in the air when I realized this was emotional pain rather than physical emergency room pain?

Regardless, I said “You know when you couldn’t breathe I bet it freaked her out. She ran home with every intention of getting you help, but when she couldn’t find anyone, she didn’t know what to do, so she hung back.” “But why won’t she talk to me?” The doll asked, frustrated by the quick turn of events. “Perhaps she’s embarrassed or is afraid you’re mad at her for not coming back…” I suggested.

There was a brief pause before she asked when I would be home and then we concluded the call. Once I arrived home from work I stopped and put her through a mommy inspection to make sure she was alright. She was a bit sore from the fall and sore at her friend for putting an end to their fun day. “I still don’t get it mom” she said, and I enveloped her into a hug saying “Something’s will always remain elusive mysteries to us. You just have to keep moving forward and put the other stuff in the past.” Looking up at me she said “Huh?” And I replied “Someday you’ll understand doll…” Shrugging her shoulders she pulled me into a tighter hug and held on saying, “I just want you to give me a hug”.

And I did.


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