Small snapshot of an embarassing moment…


The doll’s volleyball game on Saturday left much to be desired. The girls seemed to almost forget how to play the game. No matter what combination of players the coaches put in, no girl seemed to want to play. I sat in the stands offering encouragement to the doll, while trying not to embarrass her; listening to the other parents try to do the same. At one point during their dreaded game, someone called my name from behind and lo and behold there was an old friend from high school. In truth, I went to school with her older sister, but for some reason she and I always clicked. After briefly catching up, we both went back to our positions, me watching her daughter basically wipe the court with my team. When the game was over, I walked over to congratulate her for her daughter’s prowess on the court and began introducing her to the doll. “Doll this is an old friend of mine named Kathy, who…” I began when all of a sudden I was seized with panic, thinking ‘Oh no, that’s not her name, that’s her sister’s name…what is her name?’ “I mean this is….”  I stumbled as I tried to recall her name. In the meantime, the woman with whom I’m trying to introduce my doll to looked oddly at me and said, “No, you’re right, my name is Kathy”. Looking back at her embarrassed I smiled and said, “You know I’m lucky if I know my own children’s name half the time” trying to recover. The doll looked between us and said, “It’s true, why do you think she calls me doll?


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