Observational thinking…


On a daily basis my children offer up their own observations of the world in which they live. Some are spot on; others are funny, while other times I just shake my head and hope they are simply seeking a response from me.

The boy: Parents are weird which explains why us kids go to school–to get away from them. My response: Conversely, children are weird…why do you think we’re so happy after you leave for school? Yay!! We’re free for eight hours!! We’re freeeee!!!

The boy wasn’t very impressed by my answer. 🙂

The doll: You know it’s really quite unfair mom, your willingness to forgo child labor laws. My response: Well it’s really quite unfair to me that you choose to ignore my Fold the laundry or Die” platform. The doll: Like really mom? Can’t you think of a better comeback? My response: Sure, Fold that Basket or Die…without the TV, your Kindle or your friends. The doll: A frustrated “FINE”.

The doll like her brother before, wasn’t too impressed by my response either. The difference being, the boy leaned in and said “Love you mama…” While the doll stomped off and then procrastinated on getting her work done. She eventually folded the basket and I returned her privileges. But they both seem to keep having to relearn the same lesson over and over: that my observations, are really what’s most important!


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