The number ones…


Last week the doll and I studied together for her Social Studies test; spending an hour and a half discussing what we believed to be the most important facts. After consulting her textbook’s website, I even created an open book quiz for her to take. The morning of the exam, I verbally quizzed her and was happy with all the knowledge she retained. When she arrived home from school that day I asked her how she thought she did. “I think I aced it!” She said with a smile adding, “Whoa mom, I knew stuff that wasn’t even on the test”. I took that as a compliment, being that her confidence grew from having studied properly for the test.

When we checked her test grade online however, we found she received a C+. Horrified that her grade was not an A she burst into tears and sat down in my lap, looking for some comfort. “Hey doll, I know you studied really hard for this test. We just need to find out what we’re missing.” I told her. “But mom, it’s just not fair.” She cried. Stroking her back I concurred but added “The number one lesson in life darling, is that life is not fair.” Wiping her runny face against my shirt she straightened up and said “I know but that doesn’t mean I have to I like it!”

As she rose to leave my lap she asked “Does this mean I’m grounded again?” Smiling back at her I said, “Hmm, let’s see… Did you study hard for that test?” She shook her head up and down in agreement. “Did you improve the letter grade from the last test?” Again she shook her head in agreement. “Well then, my number one rule is that as long as you try your very best, you won’t be punished. Together we’ll figure this class out–so long as your willing to work, okay?” Looking back at me she said, “Okay” and then leaned down to wrap me in a neck hug. Standing up she moved to leave the room when she turned around and said “So….I’m not grounded!” “Only unless you want to be..” I replied. “No thank you!” She returned and then quickly left–no doubt worried I may still change my mind.


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