An answer to everything..


“Mama, just admit it, you use “milk” as your answer to everything” the boy argued. “What are you talking about?” I replied. Smiling he began to explain his rationale. “Whenever I’m eating something I don’t want to eat you always say “Take a drink of milk and swallow it down.” “Considering the many times you decided my cooking was not all that, can you blame me?” I responded. “You need a new go to answer though, milk cannot fit them all.” He returned. “Well then eat your meat with a piece of bread, to help swallow it down.” I added. “Now your stealing dad’s answer for everything.” He said laughing. “That’s why we’re parents bay, we work as a team”.
The doll and her friend were wading through ideas for Halloween costumes when they came upon some Indian headdresses. “Are you going to be an Indian princess for Halloween this year” Her friend asked. “I was thinking about it…”The doll replied. “You mean a dead Indian princess, right?” I interjected. Turning and sending missiles in my direction, the doll replied “No! Just an Indian”. “A dead Indian” I replied. “Mom that’s your answer for everything on Halloween. Contrary to your opinion, not everything has to be dead for Halloween” She replied with a disgusting tone toward me. “If it’s not dead then what’s the point?” I said in return. “Mom!!! Stop arguing with me!” She said before disappearing into her bedroom. The boy who was a witness to our conversation looked over at me and said, “You should have told her to drink some milk. Maybe then she would have listened.”


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