Nothing to say…


When the boy and I left for school in the morning he asked me a mundane question about the day before, the answer of which I could not recall.”Who knows, maybe I have early onset Alzheimer’s…” I said in response, more to myself than to him. “What was the name of your first grade teacher?” The boy fired back. “Sister Katie” I replied just as quick. “There you go Mama, if you had Alzheimer’s you wouldn’t have remembered her” the boy encouraged. The sad truth here is, while I remember Sr. Katie I cannot tell you what I did yesterday….

Oh well…

The past few days have been really hectic. My friend Mary Alice, lost her daughter this past week to West Nile Virus. She also suffered from schleraderma, an autoimmune disease which helped the virus consume her. While her funeral lays heavy on her loved ones, thanks to many friends, we will be able to give her family a fitting tribute, to their daughter, sister, mother, aunt and friend. I am blessed to be a member of this community!

“Mom where were you today?” The doll asked after I arrived home around 9 pm. “I had to work at Mrs. P’s then went to the mortuary, then dropped off the paper products, came home threw food into my mouth and then had a prison ministry meeting. But I’m home now, what’s up?” I said. “Oh nothing I just wondered…” The doll replied. Smiling I understood what she meant…it sure felt good to be home.

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