The book worm…s


If you recall from past blogs, I have two very different children when it comes to reading. Up until the end of her fourth grade year, the doll loathed the thought of picking up a book to read for pleasure. Instead, she’d prefer to have a story read to her. The boy on the other hand is a voracious reader and has probably consumed more books than I have, in my lifetime. Last year I challenged the doll to an accelerated reading contest-linked with her school and our local libraries; which tests your comprehension of the books just read. If she reached a super high goal, she would be rewarded. She blew past her goals with the aid of a good book series (The Hunger Games) and never looked back.

Over the summer, the doll was assigned to read a book of her choosing; for Language Arts and to keep a log of what happened in each chapter. “Why don’t you read the Percy Jackson series? Your brother has all the books?” I suggested. Skeptical, she took her time reading the novel, not sure if she liked it or not. However, once she returned to school she learned a cool hard fact…all her friends read and loved the series; which has changed everything.

“Mom did you know that Alicia has a Camp Half Blood t-shirt?” She asked me. “Oh that’s nice”. “Well naturally I’ve put that on my Christmas list…” She smiled. “Okay, why don’t you read the Harry Potter series and then we’ll see…” I replied. Giving me a curious look she said, “I don’t want to read Harry Potter books mom”. “Whatever, I thought you just said you liked the half blood shirt” I returned. ‘Moms can be quite dumb sometimes’ Was the look the doll shot back at me. No mom, half blood camp is from the Percy Jackson Series…it’s where they go to train…” “Ohhh, okay, I was thinking half blood prince…” Ha ha hmm.

Over the weekend the doll spent a night with her cousins, playing chasing games and attending a bonfire. However, she also took book three of the series with her to read during “down time”. When she arrived home Sunday night she came in overly excited. “Jeeze how much sugar did you have?” I asked. “No mom, I finished the book!! I need to you to find me the next book, I need to know what happens!! I read an excerpt of the first chapter and if ended with a cliffhanger. Please mommy please find that book!!” She excitedly explained. “Okay, I’ll look for it while you take a shower” I said and without fight, she did just that. Unfortunately for the doll our copy of this book is missing. Skulking she replied “This is so not fair! Now I have to wait until tomorrow to take it out of the library”. “Doll look at it this way, at least you have a library to ascertain a copy”. Shaking her head in agreement she said, “I’m going to bed, that will make this long night of waiting shorter.”

Having picked up the book yesterday, she’s already reached the fifth chapter, not even putting the book down to watch Dancing With The Stars last night. Saints be praised…I need to find more good book series for her to read following this series. Any suggestions???


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