remarkable people….


I meet remarkable people everyday–just how remarkable someone is is anyone’s guess. I know in my heart, once the boy discovers something besides YouTube videos, for instance, he will surprise someone with his fun sarcastic wit. I also know once the doll gets over her (mood swings) need to throw trivets, or anything else available; at her brother, someone will come along and note how good her pitching arm is. They are both remarkable people I have been blessed with helping to develop.

“Mom,  do you know what the boy does every morning before he leaves for school?” the doll began. “Puts on his deodorant?” I asked. It’s a valid answer. “Besides that!” she replied. “What?” I asked. “He purposely turns on my bedroom light then says, “Doll your bedroom light is on, better turn it off” as he’s walking out the door”.  She explained. “Doll he’s just being a brother.” I replied. “He’s annoying Mom” she said. “And your point is….?” I asked as she rolled her eyes. “Doll, he’s a boy. By definition alone, that makes him annoying. Just ignore him and I’ll ask him to stop turning on your bedroom light” I replied.

He turned on her light this morning….deaf ear syndrome I guess.


This morning the boy said, “Oh by the way mom, I was asked if I could give a little speech in religion class on what its like to be bullied.” “Oh yeah?” I said, a bit surprised. “Yes, some girl asked me If I wouldn’t mind talking about it”. “Huh… did you write a speech?” I asked. “No, I’m just going to try not to sound like a bumbling idiot” he replied. “So what are you going to talk about?” I asked. “Just how I felt when it happened.” He said. “Wow bay, I’m proud of you” I returned. Flashing me a grin he said, “Eh, maybe I’ll get extra credit for it…”


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