The boy has been driving me nuts for years with his pickiness when it comes to food, more importantly lunchtime food. Last year I would pack him a sandwich for lunch, only to find him bring it back home, uneaten everyday saying “I just wasn’t hungry”. The trend however, as I noticed was, if there was a hot lunch, he would happily eat second and thirds; yet a packed sandwich was more trash worthy than the boy worthy. As the result, 9 times out of 10 he wouldn’t eat lunch, unless he found something in the “share” (unwanted food) basket to snack on.

At the start of the new school year, I purchase him a lunch card saying, “This will buy you one lunch per week for ten weeks. The rest of the time you need to eat a packed lunch”. Ignoring my conditions, he burned through the lunch card in two weeks and has since refused to eat lunch saying, “I’m not hungry mama”. “Dude, you gotta eat lunch during the day!” I argued with him. “No I don’t mama, I’m not hungry!” Ugh! And so on and so forth we argued, day in, day out until my husband stepped in and made us stop.

“Mama, I need $4.25.” He said to me last Tuesday. “Why?” I asked, knowing full well that’s the price of hot lunch. “I need to pay the lady back” he replied. “What lady?” I asked. “She works in the deans office. She bought me lunch yesterday provided I could pay her back today.” “Oh” I replied then began scouring my change jars to find the money. “I’ve also been told I NEED to and am EXPECTED to bring a lunch from now on.” A big and broad smile crossed my face in response.

This morning I received a phone call from a woman in the deans office at his school, who called to notify me that she was behind making the boy bring a lunch. “I probably should have called you last week..” She began, “but I just wanted to touch base with you about his not eating lunch.” ” Thank you!” I replied. “What?” She sounded surprised. “I’ve been trying to get that stubborn son of mine to bring a lunch to school all year long. Unless it’s warm, he refuses to eat…” “Oh good, so you pack him a lunch then?” “Yes, he conveniently “forgets” or will complain he has nowhere to keep it in his locker, or any number of other excuses.” I explained. “Well he’s a nice intelligent young man and we talked about his need to eat lunch.” She explained. “Well he should have one today. We made a deal about getting one hot lunch a week, provided he eats a packed lunch the rest of the time. So thank you very much.” “Oh good, so he’ll have a lunch?” “Yes, unless he tosses it before he gets to the lunchroom.” I replied.

When I hung up the phone, I thought how nice it was that this woman not only took an interest in my son’s welfare, but also that she followed up with me. Another reason I’m happy we are sending him there…plus he’s finally eating lunch!


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