I wonder sometimes where I stand next to other parents on the mean mommy scale. Last week a friend of mine posted a conversation (on Facebook) between her two son’s on the virtue of staying out of  (their) Mean Mommy’s way.  I laughed and sent a quip that said, “Hey stop stealing my material…” but honestly, right now, my kids don’t see me as a mean mommy much these days. I’m rather someone who drones on and on about the same subject… in effect, an obstacle to overcome.

“Just once, when I say NO I would like it if you didn’t argue with me…you never argue with me when I say yes, why is that?” This happens to be one of my favorite stock answers I say to the kids. The boy will make guttural noises and  then usually replies, “Mom, that makes absolutely no sense. I wouldn’t argue with you if I got my way. Why would I incite violence unnecessarily?” The doll equally unimpressed snarks “Jeeze mom, can’t your come up with something original?” “I could ask you the same thing….” I say, leaving the room muttering under my breath.

“Mom I looked like an idiot” the doll informed. “What are you talking about?” I replied. “I didn’t look like an Indian at all in this ugly dress!” She explained as we drove home from the dance. Her twin’s parents found her an actual Indian costume. “Sorry ’bout your luck doll, but that doesn’t change the fact that’s your costume and you need to figure it out.” I replied. “Can’t we just find a diff…” “No.” “You know you’re making my sixth grade year harder…don’t you?” “How do you figure that?” I asked trying not to laugh. “Because I look like and idiot and that’s what everyone will remember…and probably make fun of me for”.

“Well, everyone has something…” I muttered, sighed and then ignored her woes the rest of the drive home.



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