Weekday mornings….


Almost every morning I’m greeted by a tweener and a teenager screaming at the top of their lungs at one another for some perceived offense. In the doll’s case, she usually has good reason. Every day while she lies in bed trying shake the cobwebs from her mind and awaken for the day, her alarm clock bellows out a loud series of continuous and very annoying beeps until she turns the darn thing off (usually after twenty minutes give it take a few). At some point during this daily morning routine (as if the alarm clock noise alone isn’t enough) the boy will reach his hand into her bedroom and flip the switch to her bedroom light on, illuminating a once pitched black room with unwelcome incandescent light. Then with a maniacal laugh he hurriedly disappears down the hall, leaving her screaming at him “TURNITOFFTURNITOFFTURNITOFF!!!” Over and over again, to no response.

“Bay, just once, couldn’t we have a peaceful morning?” I ask as I pass him to switch off her bedroom light and say “Time to get up darlin'”…. Then I take a step back, out of the way of a hurdling stuffed animal thrown in my general direction. “With the doll in this family? Impossible!” The boy replies as he walks away smirking. “I HATE YOU!!” The doll then screams from her bedroom…but at this point, it’s a toss up as to whom she’s referring to.

Later the doll approached me and asked “Mom why does the boy have to be such an A.H.” clearly frustrated by his lack of boundaries. “An A.H.? I asked, my sleepy brain not connecting with her acronym. “Okay, a jerk!” She re-enforced. Putting two and two together, I realized where she was going and replied “Older brothers by nature can be “jerks”…but be careful what you call my baby…” Frowning she turned and said “Remind your “baby” he needs to be nicer to me too-your baby girl”.

Point taken…but highly doubtful anything will change.


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