well anyway….


I fully intended to write today about Halloween the night before. I was sure something funny would have happened (it always does) that would make writing this blog today easy. Well since our mayor postponed Trick or Treating until Sunday due to inclement weather, that’s left me in a bit of a quandary….what to write about.


I was blessed by a nice email yesterday from the doll’s school librarian; who also happens to be a good friend. She informed me  the doll was the third person in the entire school to reach the 100 point club in reading, passing the girls who routinely make the lofty goal without even trying. “Doll, I have a surprise for you…but maybe I’ll just let your find out tomorrow at school…” I said, knowing full well she would bother me until I spilled the secret. “If I tell you, you need to act surprised at school tomorrow…do you think you can do that?” She gave me a look which basically said, “Duh mom…” and then said “yes”. So I read the email aloud to her. Jumping up off her chair she looked at me quite thrilled and said, “Well I guess that’s what happens when you find a good series to read…” “I’m very proud of you…considering you didn’t like to read two years ago…huge accomplishment doll” I said. Her father patted her on the back in congratulatory fashion and said, “Keep it up”.

Later I complained about my children’s lack of help doing anything in our house that wasn’t motivated by self interests. “I think our parenting skills have been a complete fiasco considering how much help we’re getting around the house” I lamented to my husband. “I know what fiasco means mom” the doll quipped. Turning and looking at her she continued. “And do you know why…? I know what fiasco means….? Because I read the Wizard of Oz series…which is one big complete fiasco”. Pausing for a moment I looked at her and asked, “So you agree with my assessment, you and your brother’s lack of helping out is a direct reflection on our parenting skills right? OR is it simply because you’re lazy?” Sizing me up and down she replied, “The only fiasco here is if I answer your question” and then left the room.

Looking back at her father we smiled and said in unison, “smart girl”.


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