The Joker….



I love passing out candy on Halloween, while my husband follows the doll and her friends. I live in a neighborhood where families from other areas of the city drive into and drop their kids off to go door to door. I don’t mind at all because this makes me feel good about my area, thinking others perceive us as a safe place for their kids. I don’t live in the richest part of town but rather in a friendly, mixed white and blue collar class neighborhood. Perhaps this is what makes us so attractive for Halloween.

Last year the boy came to the conclusion that his Trick or Treating days were over, when several houses questioned him on whether he was too old for beggars night. Being tall and heavy didn’t help his argument either. “Mama, next year I’m gonna hang out and bond with you…” He informed. And like the tired mom that I was (and or still am), I used my standard stock answer of “We’ll see” without considering what he was telling me.

Because of a threatened thunderstorm and a high wind warning in effect on Halloween, our local city postponed and pushed Trick or treating until Sunday night. By then, the doll was antsy and the boy was in rare form as he waited for the little “beggars” to arrive. The first two up our drive was a cheerleader and a boy in a skull face mask. “Hi boy!” The girl said as she approached. “Oh hey hi!” The boy said enthusiastically in return, even though he had no clue who they were. As he dropped some candy into their pillowcases the boy remarked, “Here you go, random skull face boy” which brought giggles to the other two. As they walked away I overheard the girl say, “That’s the same old boy”. I guess high school hasn’t changed him too much.

The traffic of kids was slow at first, which the boy did not care for. “HELLO!!!! WE ARE PASSING OUT CANDY TOO!!!” The boy would periodically yell down the street. “Dude, knock it off! Who and where do you think you are, a barker at a carnival?” I asked. Smiling back at me he said “Well considering what we’re doing tonight…yes!” Later as the hordes of kids finally arrived the boy became Mr. Charming, making small talk with the parents as he commented on their child’s costume. “I’ll give you points for originality” he said to one parent whose child was the cross between a fairy and a lion.

Other famous quips included his dislike of lemon heads candy. “Mom lemon heads are nasty”. “Well someone must like them they’ve been around a number of years.” I replied. “That’s because they are used as filler in those assortment bags. Otherwise nobody would go near them with a 10′ pole.” Another was his trying to historically correct someone on their use of make-up. “So who are you?” He asked a young boy. “I’m Dracula.” He replied. “I would think you couldn’t be Dracula. Perhaps a different vampire”. “No I’m Dracula” the kid said growing impatient for this big kid to give him a piece of candy. “Well you see, that’s where you are wrong. In all the illustrations of Dracula, he is never seen wearing very much blood at all, in fact he’s much more discreet”. The young boy just looked at the boy and then said, Happy Halloween”; which knocked the boy out of his thought process and finished up their two minute conversation.

With about 45 minutes left to go the boy declared himself finished for the night. C’mon mama, let’s turn out the light and go inside.” He tried. “Dude I gotta get rid of this candy” I said. “Oh no worries there mom, I’ll take it off your hands.” He explained. “Sorry boy, this is to pass out until all gone.” I said before adding, take a handful and get lost”.

He grabbed two handfuls-payment paid in full.

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