Undoubtably the doll


I had the occasion to talk with the doll’s Girl Scout leader not to long ago when she conveyed a silly little story to me. “My husband received a text from you in which you referred to your daughter as ‘the doll’ and he couldn’t figure out what you were talking about. Finally he showed me the text and asked ‘Does this make sense to you?’ Upon reading the text I told him ‘the doll’ is what you call your daughter. He then asked ‘Why?’ To which I replied ‘Doll’ was her nickname.” He still doesn’t get why you referred to her as ‘the doll’ instead of by her name”. Smiling at her I asked, “Do you know why?” “I just figured it was her nickname.” “Well, truth be told, I refer to her as ‘the doll’ in written form out of habit–from my blog. I don’t know who reads my blogs and I just assume everyone knows her by that name.” “Well whatever, he knows her now as the doll.” She said and we parted ways.
“Mom where did the names you call us in your blog come from?” The doll asked. “Really?” I replied giving her a cross look. “Well I mean the boy, duh! But how did I become the doll?” She asked. “Because you have a plastic personality” the boy jumped in. “SHUT UP BOY no one asked you!!” The doll fired back at her smirking brother. Trying not to laugh at her brother’s quick reply I said “Doll you know this story…” “You mean the one where she’s named after the old dog?” Her brother said just before fleeing the room. “MOM!!!” The doll yelled with a tone of voice which begged me to take her brother out! “Bay, please…” I said to his recently vacated space. “Okay, my mom used to call me ‘her baby doll’. You’re my baby girl, baby doll, doll.” I explained. “True but you called the old dog baby dog right?” The boy asked popping his head in through the doorway. “Yeah so…” I replied and then realized the correlation he was about to make. “Well you called Sweet Pea (dog) baby dog-baby doll-dog!” So in actuality the doll is really the do..” He tried to finish but was interrupted by the doll yelling “MOM!!!” And me yelling “Bay!!!”

“Mom I hate him!!” The doll said, once the boy had left us alone. “I know. In truth though, I have many examples of you loving your brother and someday you two will be best friends.” I said with a wisp of a hope in the air. “Hardly!” The doll replied and then added “but if that happens, which I highly doubt will, you are not allowed to say “Told you so”. Lifting my right hand and crossing my chest I said “Cross my heart…”
It’s not in a mothers nature to say “I told you so (at least aloud), it’s her nature to listen to the child admit ‘Yep you were right’. Even when they don’t want to.


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