Boy Impressions…


As I stood in line at the bank, in walked the doll’s Social Studies teacher. My first thought was I could talk to her about the doll’s grades…but was dissuaded when she approached and asked “How’s the boy doing at CCHS?” “He’s doing great! He brought home Magna Cum Laud honors and really likes the school” I reported. She smiled and said, “I always knew he’d do well once he was away from the Middle school mentality. I’m really happy for him. That’s the great thing about high school…it levels the playing field.”
I ran into my friend Kathy the other night at the football game who told me, “You know I just love your son. He’s quite funny and engaging. The other kids ask him “What’s the fact of the day?” when he gets into the car for the ride home, and what’s funny is he usually has one…and the other kids love his answers. He really is a funny and engaging kid”. I looked around as if perhaps she was talking about someone else’s kid…all the while smiling broadly that she was not. “Thank you for telling me…as per usual, we get nothing out of him”. “Well he’s a great kid! You can take that to the bank!”
This morning as I went through the litany of stuff the boy needs I asked him “Who are you sitting with at lunch?” “Mario, Zak, Gino and this one kid Santos who is too quiet. He freaks me out!” Looking back at him I said, “Do you mean to tell me you actually talk to others at lunch (last 2 yrs he’s sat by himself)? As if offended he said “Yes I talk at lunch.  Actually I’m quite funny and engaging. My sarcastic wit gets a nice work out too”.  Shaking my head affirmatively, I said, “Your friend Santos is shy…cut him some slack…okay?” “I know mama, I do, but the dude needs to say something…” “He will–when you least expect him to, bud”.

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