a cool yule….


Everyday I spend with Mary Alice is a blessing to me; if for no other reason than the fact that we laugh all day long. Sure sometimes the days can be tedious…trying to keep her engaged, but laughing certainly counter balances the day. One of the activities we partake in is to say a daily rosary. For those who are not catholic, the rosary is a series of prayers said to the Blessed Virgin Mother, to intercede to God on our behalf. One of the reasons we say these prayers is because they are in her rote memory. Like music, she automatically remembers them. For my part, I have the rosary downloaded to my iPod, and with the help of technology, can play it aloud over some Bluetooth speakers.  Yesterday, we decided to say the rosary and the divine mercy chaplet, which takes about twenty minutes total; before going out to lunch.

As the prayers began, Mary Alice became very prayerful, crossing her hands, holding her rosary beads and followed along to the program. I on the other had, responded when necessary, but also fidgeted and allowed my mind to wander. While I participated with the right responses, I wasn’t really paying that much attention to them. Afterward as we packed up our stuff and prepared to leave for lunch she looked at me and asked, “Where did she go?” “Who, Karen? She’s over at her daughters…” I explained, believing she was asking about the daughter who lives with her. “No, the other one…” So me being me, I began naming off all her daughter’s names… “Kathy? Julie? Mary Beth?” and each time she said, “No. You know, the woman who was praying the rosary with us.” Perplexed I looked back at Mary Alice as she walked into the living room, looking for someone. “Mary Alice, let’s just go to lunch” I suggested, trying to change the subject. “Hmm, it was nice that she stopped by” Mary Alice explained and then a minute later whomever she was thinking about was gone and we left for lunch.

Later as we played our daily game of War, Mary Alice asked me, “Where’s Diane?” Her daughter Diane passed away last month. I looked at her and said, “Um, Diane is in heaven…” not really wanting to answer that question at all. “She is? When did this happen?” Damn. “About a month ago darling.” I replied. “I didn’t know that…” she returned. “Um, yes you did…” I said in the kindest tone of voice I could muster. “I did?…” she replied as if trying to find the memory and then dropped the conversation completely….until she said, “It was nice of her to stop by…”

Okay, so you tell me. Did Diane stop by and say a Rosary with her mother as I fidgeted about? I’d like to believe she did. I’d like to believe Diane visits with her mom often. When I told Karen about our odd conversation she smiled at me saying, “Wow, I’ve got goosebumps.” Something tells me she believes too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone….remember your are a blessing to everyone you meet…share your blessings with the world.


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  1. Reblogged this on Mean Mommy's Memoir and commented:

    Okay, I admit it…this is more a Thanksgiving type blog than a Christmas one… but you have to at least acknowledge that some of the best gifts we receive during the holidays are hugs from loved ones. I’d like to think this was one of the best hugs out there…

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