times to remember…


Things overheard at Thanksgiving dinner:

“You know this family is about to grow exponentially over the next year or so…I’m just thinking about the big picture here, but, we’re going to need to rent out a hall…just to accommodate our increasing numbers…” A very real possibility…

“I just found out, I have been paying for the turkey’s we eat every Thanksgiving. My wife has been buying them behind my back!” Thanks Sue!

“We watched an old video of the TL Open (family hack…..er Golf tournament) and Ann won the Tommy Award that year…. The Tommy award had a few contingencies. First of all it had to cost less than $5 because that’s all I (Tommy) would pay for it…” “What was the Tommy award that year?” “A toilet seat lid with a chip taken out of it–hence why it was under $5.”
A memory book:

We started this tradition back in 2000 I think. The book is supposed to be passed around and filled out each year with why we are thankful. Nine times out of ten, it’s avoided like the plague. A fun idea in theory, a pain in the rear in reality. I approached my sister Carol to hand her the book and said, “I see mom’s book has made it back again this year.” “Yes, I thought to myself as we drove over how I had forgotten the book. Yet MB handed me the darn thing when we walked in the door. Evidently I had forgotten the darn thing for a year…and thank you, no, I don’t want it now either…”

As the night wound down, the realization we had devoured three turkey’s, 10 pounds of potatoes, and various other, heavy side dishes…the younger kids relaxed into playing Just Dance on the Wii while the adults enjoyed one another’s company. The boy and his father left around 8 pm. The doll and I left around 1 am. “The boy looks like me, sounds like me but is very much his father’s child. The doll looks like her father, is quiet like him, and very much the party girl like her mother.” My eldest sister laughed.” “You’re in for some fun times with that doll….” she said. “Oh, don’t I know it…”



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