Dr. Mom…


The doll limped over and said “Mom my back is killing me””Where?” I asked as she backed in toward me. Pointing her finger Just above her right glut almost at her panty line, she said “Right there”. As a mother I have no medical training other than common sense and using my hands to try and “feel”anything “odd”. Thankfully with the doll, I felt nothing. “Well perhaps you slept on it wrong and it’s slightly bruised.” I suggested. “No mom it was okay earlier it just hurts right now!” She explained. “Do you want an ice pack or maybe take an ibuprofen, to reduce the swelling?” I asked her. The prospect of sitting against an ice pack did not thrill her so she opted against both. “That’s okay mom; maybe after a good nights rest it will feel better.”

The next morning the doll complained “Mom this really hurts.” Once more pointing at her back. And like the day before, Dr. Mom felt nothing to suggest a sore back. “Do you remember turning or twisting wrong in the last day or so?” I asked. She began to shake her head no but then added, “Well there was that time when we were at Uncle Bill’s for Thanksgiving….

“Mary, Elle and I were upstairs watching a movie on someone’s IPad air, when I accidentally slipped off the bed and fell between the bed and the wall and I couldn’t get up. I was stuck! And all the girls would do was laugh…” “Doll were you laughing too?” I interrupted. “Well truth be told yes, at first, but then they couldn’t lift the bed away from the wall because it was too heavy and even though we all were laughing I was getting upset.” “How come no one came to get me?” I said wondering why this was the first time I was hearing of her predicament. “Well that’s just it Mom. I had just about reached the point where I was going to say ‘Go get my mom’ when the boys walked in to bother us. Usually we kick them out because we hate them; but the boy found me pinned and lifted the bed away from the wall freeing me.” “Did you thank your brother?” Yes I gave him a hug before we kicked him out of the room”. “So you’re telling me you kicked your savior out after he saved you? Perhaps that’s why your back hurts…”

“Jeeze mom not everything is a lesson!” The doll retorted, unhappy with my reply. “Could you just write me a note to get out of gym class?” “Nope, just tell your teacher you’re a little stiff…(for stiffing your brother, I said under my breath)” “Please?” “Nope, sorry”.

Post script: last night after I arrived home I asked how her back felt and she replied (miracle of miracles) she felt no discomfort during the day. Hmmm another job well done by Dr. Mom.


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