Proper decorum lost…


The doll’s basketball team had their first game this past Saturday morning. On Wednesday after she received her game schedule, she instantly became upset. “Mom what are they thinking?!?” She yelled. “Why would they schedule “almost” teenagers at such an ungodly hour of the day?” Her game was scheduled at 8:30 am, across town. “I mean really mom! ON A SATURDAY no less! Jeeze!!” I could only smile and then laugh at her little tirade…I may have mirrored that conversation with my own mother a time or two before; when I was her age.

I really have no real expectations for the doll’s play. If her team wins or loses I don’t care. I only want my doll to have fun. Yes, that’s what I kept repeating in my head as I watched those girls play up and down ball on the court. The women seated next to me heckled the referee for their lack of calls, in particular the other teams physical play. They were ignored; perhaps they do not possess a loud booming voice…say like me.

“Marsha I’m going to enjoy having your doll on the team this year..” A parent said to me. “Having you in the stands with me will keep me out of trouble…” She said with a smile. She was referencing when the referee tired of hearing my loud booming voice say “SHE’S WALKING! SHE’S TAKING 4 STEPS!!” Turned around and asked if I wanted her whistle. Honestly I was a bit stunned but then said “Yes!” Fortunately, the ref didn’t hear me and I wasn’t removed for heckling.

The game progressed and I watched my doll set a nice pick and grab a rebound. However she had to be constantly reminded to help take the ball out and guard the right player. “For my first game ever mom, I think I did okay…and you were hilarious to watch”. “Me? Why were you watching me?” I asked amused. “When Alyssa wasn’t ready for that one pass I looked over at you and you had your head covered by your hands and arms.” Ah…phew!

In retrospect, while I know the futility of arguing calls; I forgot the refs are High School students making less than minimum wage. I have to remember the doll is watching me…and be the better spectator… even if the ball handler is walking to China and back without dribbling the damn ball and not getting called for doing so!


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