Crazy days are here again…


I was going to write about something of great importance today, however I’ve been so busy running between point A and point B and C, D, E that for the life of me I can’t remember what was so important. But that’s par for the course during the holiday season. So…I’ll let you in on what I do know…which ain’t much, I’m afraid.

I had a great opportunity to embarrass the doll today at her school, in front of the school secretaries. Mrs, K and I had the occasion to stop by and turn in all the recycling, pop tops, Campbell soup labels and box tops for education we’ve collected throughout the year; not to mention the teacher’s gifts that I remembered to buy twenty minutes prior. When the doll entered the office I walked over and enveloped her into an embrace and began kissing her cheek. “Mom what the…?” She tried to say but was stopped when I turned her toward Mrs. K to say good morning. Then I hugged and kissed on her some more, before releasing her so I could give her the gifts to hand out. “Mom, if looks could kill…” One of the secretaries said to me. “Oh I know” I said as I hugged the doll again, all the while noting the disgusted look upon her face.

When the doll exited the room and I prepared to follow suit, I heard “Marsha it was hilarious the other day when the boy stopped by to get the house key from his sister…” Secretary #1 said. At that moment Secretary #2 turned and said “Oh I missed him? Darn it!! I always enjoy seeing your boy! He’s such a great kid!” I always smile when I hear such compliments; so happy others see him as I do. “The doll came into the office with such disdain for your son “No huggies boy! Don’t touch me!” She said as she approached with the key. Then the boy replied saying “What doll? I’m even wearing deodorant for a change.” I thought the exchange between the two was HIL–LLLARI-US!” A bit embarrassed yet able to see the truth in her story I replied “Well that sounds about right.” Before adding “Merry Christmas!” To the ladies.

As we were walking out, Mrs K giggled at me and said, “I don’t know how anyone could go through life without children.” “Well they would have more money in their pockets…I joked but added “I’m blessed every day by mine…even on the days I want them to belong to someone else.” She giggled again adding “They’re teenagers…you’ll be wanting to give them away more often than not over the next few years”

Something tells me she’s right…then again what fodder would I have to write about if they were gone? Nothing very interesting I’m afraid.


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