daily hugs…


Last week while seated in the waiting area of a doctor’s office, I happened to have a lovely conversation with a woman, who turned out to be an Ursuline nun; with whom I found to be very nice and easy to talk to. After introducing myself to her, we came to the conclusion she knew my father (go figure).  After a while she asked, “And what do you do for a living Marsha?” I smiled and said “I’m a paid companion”. Her eyebrows rose to the top of her forehead while a surprised look crossed her face. For a brief moment I rendered her speechless. Then she said, “You know, there are many ways people can take that…”I laughed and then elaborated that I’m a companion to the elderly. “God Bless you for taking on that responsibility” she replied. “Oh no Sister, you don’t understand, I’m the one who’s blessed” I replied and she shook her head in agreement with me. A moment later, my friend Mrs. M was finished and we left to complete our weekly errands.

Last Friday Mrs. M informed me she was going to Chicago for the Christmas holiday to be with one of her son’s. Before her plans were finalized I had offered for her to attend my family celebration but explaining, “You won’t get home much before 2 am…” She laughed and graciously declined my invitation. After we ran our usual errands, we came home and found her front door lock had frozen. We were able to gain access to her home, yet she was unable to lock her door from the inside. My allotted time with her was short, but I made an appointment with a locksmith to come that afternoon. At the same time I sent a quick email off to her daughter, who lives out of state, informing her of the lock problem. In the letter I also mentioned Mrs. M had informed me she was spending the Christmas holiday with her son, in Chicago.

A few hours passed and I received an email from her daughter, which read,  “Mom is not going to Chicago…when you see her on Christmas eve, please reinforce that with her. I’ll endeavor to find one of her friends to invite her for Christmas dinner. Thanks for looking out for my mother.” As you might imagine,  I felt awful for Mrs. M spending the holiday here, away from her family. Yet here’s the thing…had her lock not broken, I would have had no reason to contact her daughter. I would have assumed she was in Chicago, with her family, not alone.

Had that door lock not broken, there is a very big chance, Mrs. M would have spent Christmas alone.

Another riddle to be sure…they say God works in mysterious ways…was I witness to a God-Incidence or just a quirk of fate? No one deserves to celebrate Christmas alone…and thankfully Mrs. M won’t be either. A very good friend stepped up and invited her to spend Christmas with his family. All because her front door lock broke.  God is great…especially when we all stop and take time to see/read his signs.

Merry Christmas everyone! Peace!

Marsha, the Hub, the boy-soon to be ‘little man’ and the doll…


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