You’re standing at the center of a circle, staring out toward the horizon, what do you see? Does the horizon change; does the landscape remain the same every time you take a small step with even degrees? Do you even notice a difference?

God I hope so. The last 365 days of my life have been interesting, thank God, but not too interesting; if you know what I mean. A week or so ago, my Facebook page offered me a glimpse at my life lived this last year and thankfully, I’m a boring middle aged woman. I never ever thought I would like to be boring, but with age comes a modicum of wisdom and YES I’m happy to be boring.  2014 holds many mysteries with adventures to unfold…and those are just the few I know of…what will the year hold for me and my family?

The boy, is becoming hairy. Dear God he almost has a full mustache. As his facial hair soon expands to cover his neck and then chest; my little man will begin looking more like a real man, less like a boy. He’s about to turn 15 and as exciting a time as this is…it scares the heck out of his mom. His sister, DEAR GOD! is almost 12 and God help us, will really begin to change. Already people are noticing her slender form taking shape. She told me yesterday she didn’t want to grow up. I replied, well now you know how the rest of us feel…growing up stinks…even when it’s breathtakingly beautiful-like her.

This past years’ adventures were for the most part fun–a trip to the Bahama’s where we tried to keep the sea gulls from eating our food; watched the brilliant sun rise every morning; basically lived the life of beach bums (on an inclusive resort). We also experienced some scary times…my husband’s A-fib attack and subsequent medication tinkering to get everything right. Yet through it all, we lived on, laughing during the hard times, laughing through the good and listening to our very sarcastic children try to tell us, we didn’t know a thing. Sometimes I think they are right…….though, we’re very good at playing it by ear.

So 2014 looms, another circle to walk into….another chance to get the year right…to succeed in areas we haven’t before. Well that’s the hope anyway. I am however blessed, many of you will be along for the ride with us…

So, raising my WineStein into the air I proudly toast to you, Happy New Year!! Go OSU! GO ND!

Go go go…but not too fast (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months…)  Savoring a year is hard to do when time is flying by. Stop and smell….the boy–his bouquet has been quite beautiful (swaggerlicious) since last week (thank you unknown classmate).

Peace and good fortune in the New Year!




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