Last night I reveled in the idea of staying warm. The cold devastating wind which accompanied the snow in our region, feels as though it’s seeping through the walls of our house; bringing chills to us inhabitants. In fact, my kitchen in particular feels downright chilly. On average, while on the laptop, I’m seated at our kitchen table. But last night’s “seepage” encouraged me to find a warmer place to work. When I entered the living room, I noticed the warmest seat in the room was currently being occupied by the dog–right in front of the air vent.  I thought to myself, “Is that seat worth the dry and itchy skin I will eventually receive from sitting there?” For a brief moment the answer was a resounding YES; but then I realized sitting on the love seat, which boarders the vent was the next best place in the room to sit. Ten minutes later, I had fallen asleep…safe within the love of heat coming through our vents.

“Mama, I’m going to take a shower” the boy said interrupting my slumber. “A shower? You took one…” I began to say but stopped. OMG!! The teenager has finally arrived..he’s taking two showers in one day!!! My brain shouted out. “Didn’t you take one earlier?” I managed to squeak out. “Yes, but I can’t seem to get warm…so I thought I’d take a hot shower and see if that helps.” “Ah” I replied. Very sound answer, yes; I thought to myself…wondering if that were his only reason…but then decided I didn’t really want to know.

“Hi Mom!” the doll said through the phone receiver. “Hi Doll, how’s it going, are you having fun?” “Yes”. “Hey guess what? We are getting 8-10 inches of snow fall right now…” I said with the most excited voice I could muster. “Really? Wow, we have 85 degree temperatures here” she replied. Trying my best to not sound jealous I said “Oh that’s nice, but the snow is really beautiful…” “So is the pool mom. Last night we went down to the beach and watched them shoot fireworks over the ocean. Mary and I watched them from the shallows of the ocean”. “wow” I replied in my best pretend excited voice for her. Then to be mean and spoil her fun I asked, “So, when are you all leaving for home?” “I think Aunt K said maybe Friday morning…” “Well you best enjoy the heat while you have it…its very cold up here”. “Jeeze thanks a lot for that bit of bad news…” The doll said. “Yeah, I know…just have fun the next few days…we miss you here.” I explained. “I can’t say I miss the boy!” she replied. “Yeah well, I don’t blame you there…but he does miss you too.” And as we said our goodbyes I felt only a little bad for forewarning her of our impending temperature drop; as I snuggled under a blanket, while relaxing on the love seat to write this blog. Ah yes….heat.



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