The age of Aquarius….


“Mom, what is my zodiac sign?” The doll asked me the other day. “You are Aquarius and your brother is Pisces, the fish” I replied. Felicia, the doll’s friend giggled at hearing the boy was a fish. “What about May?” she asked me. ”  Depending on the date…” “May 1” she allowed. “That makes you Taurus the bull. You see I’m a May birthday too, except I’m a Gemini-which means there’s two of me running free in the world…” I said with a smile. The doll  quickly added, “Thank God for small favors that’s not true!” Laughing I agreed with her.

A little later in the evening, once Felicia had gone home, the doll approached me and asked, “So I’m an Aquarius, what does that mean?” Opening up the laptop I replied “Well let’s see…” and found this website “Well, according to this site, Aquarius is a sun sign and the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Aquarius is known as the water carrier.” “So that means I carry water?” she asked confused. “Supposedly…” I replied. “On this site they list some well known traits… “You’re friendly and a humanitarian.” “What’s humanitarian mean?” “Well you’re giving…you help others with no concern for yourself” I explained. She sat down across from me, nodded and smiled. “Let’s see… you’re also supposed to be honest and loyal….” She nodded again. “…Original….and inventive…..independent…..and intellectual” I read, each time looking up at her expression of “Yes I’m all of these” written all over her face. “Well you know, they also list traits of a dark side….” I added. “A dark side?” the doll asked. Curious, she rose from her chair and circled round so she could read over my shoulder. “It says here you are intractable and contrary”. Looking at me she asked, “What’s that mean?” “Well, when you make your mind up about something, you are hard to dissuade. Also, you tend to do the opposite of what we think you should do….” Shrugging her shoulders she walked over and sat back down “‘I’m not like that–all the time…” she admitted and then crossed her arms. “Uh huh…” I said with a smile.

Turning back to the screen, I continued, “Other dark traits you may have is being perverse and unpredictable…as well as unemotional and detached.” “What does perverse mean?” Smiling I replied, “Well you’ve heard of a pervert..” I began. Horrified she slapped my arm and said, “That’s not me!” Laughing I agreed, “No, you’re not a pervert.. at least not yet, anyway.” “MOM!!” she shouted. “Ha, doll in this case, perverse means ‘strange/odd’ likes…nothing disgusting…” “I’m not unemotional either…” she added. “Oh…? ‘Doll how was your vacation?’ “Good” “Is there anything you would like to add?” “No”” I demonstrated in a mocking tone to her. Smiling back at me she laughed. “Well, maybe I am….when I want to be” she replied.

We both laughed and finished up our discussion. “Mom, its weird how they came up with all these things…I mean they are so general” the doll said. “Honey, they are meant to be vague, so they can fit a large population of people…but that does not mean every little thing they say is true all the time. I mean seriously, can you imagine two of me running around in this world?” Smiling back she replied “Oh God no!” and burst out laughing. “Exactly!!” I replied, laughing right along with her.


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