outside of comfort…


Earlier this week, I published a blog on my Segues Along the Path blog site, about my friend Lori’s Christmas celebration and thanks to many of you, I have received very nice reviews. Funny what you find inside 140 characters or less (Twitter code). Yet I found her story so compelling and inspiring, I begged her to let me write about the event. This was a first for me as an adult blogger.  I may have had an assignment in college but that was so long ago…it no longer counts, where I did research, interviewed someone and then wrote and published about the event.

So why am I telling you this? Because I stepped outside of my comfort zone..and did something quite unexpected of myself. Oh and yes, I am proud I did.  As a parent its very easy for me to ask them to try something new, but if I don’t have any example to show, then how will they ever grow? I will I ever grow? I’m sure the kids will come to hate when I say, “Remember the time I wrote that blog…” The point is, we all have to do things out of our comfort zone from time to time to learn the lessons we’re supposed to. We don’t always have to like what we’re learning…however we do grow from the exercise and result.


That all being said….please schools…..please be open on Friday…I need to set a Lisol bomb in my house to eradicate the teenage smell that has pervaded my household for three weeks….One day…I need one day….




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