brothers…need I say more?


The schools this morning were on a two hour delay. I didn’t care. For me this meant the kids would be leaving the house for at least six hours. I was ready and happy to have them gone. However, when they went to bed the night before, no delay had been posted as yet. As is the norm with the boy, he was up first thing in the morning. I really don’t understand why…all he does is watch youtube videos. I would much rather hang out in dreamland, myself than watch early morning videos…but eh,  that’s just me. In any case, the doll emerged from her bedroom around 7:30 am and found the boy lying on the couch. At doing so, she uttered, “What the…?” The boy replied, “WE’RE ON A TWO HOUR DELAY!!” in the loudest, most annoying voice he could muster. I hollered down the steps, “Doll? You’re on a two hour delay”. “Thank you Mom for telling me…” she yelled up the steps in the sweetest voice; before turning her attention back to the boy and said, “I WASN’T TALKING TO YOU!! YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS TALKING TO ME AT ALL BOY, MYOB!!!” Then she turned around, walked into her bedroom, closing the door behind her and went back to bed. 

Interesting isn’t it? The same information disseminated from two different sources received two different responses. A little while later I called her on her behavior, “Mom he purposely does this just to annoy me..” She argued.  Well it’s easy when you let him… I thought to myself. “I’ll bet the entire time I was gone he wasn’t nearly this annoying to you”  Yes he was more quiet because he didn’t have you to yell at him. “Do you understand that you’re the catalyst, not him?” I suggested. “How?” “Easy, he knows that just by breathing-you are annoyed.” “Mom, that’s not fair!!” the doll replied. “Who said life is…huh? But doll, every time you engage him in a verbal sparring match,  he’s going to be encouraged to keep going.” “So I should just ignore him?” “That…or find some friends houses to hang out in…” I said with a laugh. “Can’t we just give him away to Grammy?” The doll suggested. Smiling back at her I replied, “We tried…but Grammy gave him back.”  Lucky Grammy, the doll uttered as she walked away.


“Mom, I gonna go wake up the doll….” the boy informed as he walked toward her bedroom. “Why? Hey, Bay, don’t do it, come back here…” I warned and then pulled him away from her room. “Mom, she’ll oversleep the alarm I just know it.” He replied. “Why is that any of your business?” I asked. “She’s my sister and I love her…” “Uh huh…and what’s the other reason…?” Sporting a grin he said. “Because her face turns a particular shade of red when she yells at me. Its quite funny”. “Funny for whom? Do me a favor, leave your sister alone. It’s my job to get her up for school not yours….” “But Mama….you asked me for that same favor before winter break…and I did. The statute of limitations has run out and now we’re into a new semester so…..” “So nothing! Leave your sister alone or I’ll make your life miseralbe.” I said. “Fine, but I’ll have you know, you’re infringing upon my right as her brother, to torment her…which means I’ll have no recourse than to torment you.” “So long as you leave your sister alone…” I replied.

As we parted ways I thought to of the old adage about not punishing the child with something that would in turn punish yourself as the result….Something tells me I just set myself up…but heck, it wouldn’t be the first time.

….nor probably the last. 

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