funny exasperation…


20140113-095441.jpgLast week during one of the winter storms, I stopped shoveling snow long enough to take a hit off my inhaler and then snap a picture of my two favorite guys shoveling my Dad’s driveway. The doll, off camera cleared his deck by walking back and forth, using her feet to knock off the snow. “Doll, there’s a broom right there…” I said pointing trying to figure out what she was doing. “I know mom, but I forgot my gloves…” she replied. Flabbergasted I replied, “How can you forget your gloves during a snow storm?” “Easy mom, I didn’t realize I would be asked to shovel snow!”

Um, yeah…


Everyday the inhabitants of my house are treated to the dad and boy show which goes something like this…”Ow! You’re trying to kill me…Get off me! Get Off ME!!” “DAD GET OFF ME!!!” Moments later we are treated to my husband’s over exaggerated; maniacal laugh as the boy attempts to fight back. Before long both are laughing as they “wrestle” for position in the house. “Why must you taunt him?” I ask, which is met with more laughter. “Could it be your expressing your dominance over the boy…while you still have height on him?”

“No comment”

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