holiday shockers…


Okay as the doll likes to point out, I am not fashionable. I can tell what the trends are, but I can’t say I like them very much. The doll on the other hand has her own style-which is fine-yet she still needs my money to work that style, so I should have some say in what she’s wearing, right? Wrong-according to her. Just before Christmas, I took her shopping for a new dress. “Don’t worry doll, we’ll find you something pretty” I said. “I don’t know mom, after the Halloween dress, I’m kind of afraid what you’ll pull out…” she replied. “Puhleeze!” I said a bit offended. “Do you see us entering a thrift store here???” I questioned her as we entered a department store. “No you don’t. Now give your old mother some credit… Did you know when  I was your age…” I began but she cut me off. “Yes mom, I know grandma picked you out the ugliest dress ever, but it turned out to be your favorite…” she replied in an underwhelming tone. “Told you that story once too often eh? Well shoot. Okay then, we’re looking for reasonably priced garments, but cute, not inherently ugly”. Giving me an unimpressed look, together we walked into the junior department and began looking for a dress. 20140113-093407.jpg

“Ooh this one is pretty…” I suggested, holding up a brown woven dress. “This would look really good with your hair and eye color and we could get some brown leggings to match…” I said walking past a few clothes racks to grab a pair of brown leggings to show her. Frowning she replied. “Um, no thank you…”  “What? This is cute!” I replied. “Mom, could we just look around a little more?” She hoped. “Sure, but I’m grabbing this for you to try on…” I said. An eye roll and shoulder shrug later, we began looking again for something cute, yet marked down. 20140113-093422.jpgBecoming a bit cynical I stopped and grabbed a shirt and said, “How about this one?” “Mom really?” the doll asked raising her eyebrows. “Wait, no, this one is even better…and festive too!” I said lifting up the shirt. “I’m ignoring you…” the doll said as she moved away from me.

pretty shirt from a distance... up close not quite.

pretty shirt from a distance… up close not quite.

“Wait doll, now this is a cute top…” I said raising the shirt until I got a closer look at the pattern. “Oh, never mind…” I said, placing the shirt back on the rack. Coming closer she looked and said “Ugh why would anyone make a shirt out of that?” Laughing I replied perhaps these are their leftover Halloween inventory…?”

Blurred holidays...skull patterns sold at Christmas?  hmm

Blurred holidays…skull patterns sold at Christmas? hmm

After walking in circles and picking up a few shirts, skirts and leggings, I suggested she try everything on. Of course, that meant I was locked out of her dressing room. God forbid I should have an opinion. After a few minutes I asked her, “How did that dress look…? “I don’t like it. “But how did it look? Did it fit?” I asked. Exiting the dressing room she said, “It looked fine except I looked like a tree…I need something more colorful.” “But you liked the style of the dress?” I asked her. “Yes.” She conceded. Holding my finger up denoting to wait a minute, I walked back to the rack, grabbed a teal blue colored woven dress and some black leggings and threw them at her. “Try these on for the heck of it.”

Miracle of miracles….she fell in love with the teal blue dress. And while it was not the “dress” I had originally picked out…I’m still taking credit (Whatever mom).








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