How’s the weather….?


This morning, my friend Mrs. M. accompanied the boy and I on a trip to his orthodontist. The Tuesday prior, while asking her if she would like to join us, I prefaced the day by asking if she were interested in taking an adventure with me. “Wherever you would like to go, I would be happy to accompany you”. She replied. “Mama, why is Mrs. M coming with us?” The boy asked as I pulled into her driveway this morning. “Because, this will get her out of the house and give me greater control of my time management today.” I replied.

As the three of us made our way to his appointment, noticing how quiet our car ride was I remarked, “Boy, we are a talkative bunch!!” Mrs. M giggled in reply but then added “Well there really isn’t much to talk about…the weather? We can see out the windows what’s going on there… We really don’t need to discuss that.” I agreed turned on the radio to eliminate the uncomfortable silence we were riding in. “Don’t tell me you two are discussing the weather…” The boy said to front seat occupants. “Were you paying attention to what we said bay?” I asked. “No, just that you were discussing the most cliched subject known to man” He replied. Mrs. M. giggled again. Leaning over toward me she said, “Well he’s a typical boy…only commenting on the bits and pieces of  the conversation he chose to listen to.” 

“Bay, the reason people talk about the weather is because, pardon the pun, it’s a conversation ice breaker. Something everyone has in common; an non sequitor.” I tried to explain. “Talking about the weather is a dumb, common and doesn’t go anywhere; conversation.” the boy returned. “Kind of like the conversation we’re having right now.” I said as we pulled into the parking lot, effectively ending our conversation. Later after the boy was delivered safe and sound to school and all our errands were complete, Mrs. M. customarily thanked me for spending the morning with her. Then she thanked me for her morning adventure saying, “I had a delightful time talking about nothing cliches with your son” and then giggled again, before we parted company for the day.

Leave it to my boy to make a conversation from nothing about nothing… seem like something. Oh Seinfeld….!

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