Irony, excuses and 5:30 am wake up calls…


I was wrestled awake early…. “Marsh…Marsha….honey?” My husband said as he gently shook my shoulder; trying to wake me from my slumber. When it became apparent that I was semi conscious, leaning down he said, “The boy is downstairs filling out his registration card for next year’s class schedule and he’s not paying attention to what he’s doing. I’m running late for work…could you go help him?” “What time is it….?” I asked with a very rough sounding voice. “5:30 am” He replied. “What the heck is he doing awake at 5:30?” I mumbled. “Well he’s been up for a while…when I got up 45 minutes ago,  he was on the couch in his customary spot and had all the lights downstairs on”.  The hubby informed and then added,  “So could you go make sure he’s filling everything out properly?


I stumbled out of bed, found a robe and made my way to the kitchen, where the boy sat, (dressed and ready for school) pensively writing. “What are you doing?” I asked. “This needs to be turned in today for the teachers to sign off on.” He explained. “Last night I told you I wanted to discuss your classes with you…but you were too busy playing on your game system. Why didn’t you have me help you last night?” I asked. “Sorry Mama” came his reply. Looking down at the form I noticed several scratch outs and re-writes from errors made. “Why didn’t you fill this out in pencil?”I asked. As per his norm, he used his favorite phrase ever saying,  “I forgot…it was an accident.” before adding,  “I didn’t remember until I was almost finished that I was supposed to write in pencil…besides we don’t have any pencils.” Looking over my shoulder I asked, “What do you call those?” I said pointing at a coffee mug filled with pencils. “Those all need to be sharpened.” He said as a matter of fact. “So…?” “I know, but the pencil sharpener wasn’t plugged in” he added. When I tried to object again he said, “Mom you know its a sucky pencil sharpener…” “Regardless dude, we have a gazillion old fashioned pencil sharpeners around here….or I bet one of your pocket knives  would have done the trick…” I explained. “Sorry!” Came his only reply.

Regardless, together we went through the course workbook; discussed the options which were open for him then properly filled out his class application form. However, as if to cross all our ‘t’s and dot all our ‘i’s ..we decided to have him consult with his guidance counselor before asking his teachers to sign off on the classes. Then I hurried upstairs, took my shower and got ready for the day,while he happily ate his breakfast. Once I was dressed, we left for school, giving him ample time to discuss his future course work with his counselor.

And now for the irony…

Last night the doll’s school was put on a 2-hour delay due to the weather. When I went to bed at 1:30 am, I double checked to see if the boy’s high school was on the list yet, but it was not. Then again at 5:30 am my husband informed me again the boy’s school still had no delay or closed listing. As such, the boy and I left for school about a half an hour earlier than usual. Once I arrived home, I made myself breakfast, gathered my stuff together for my work day and was about to walk out the door when someone posted on FB that the doll’s school was now closed. A moment later my home phone rang… “Hi Mama!! Um guess what?” “Don’t tell me….” I said.  He laughed adding “Well I guess the school has closed due to the weather.” “You’ve got to be kidding me…” I replied with deadpanned voice. “Funny isn’t it…hehehe… But the good news is I talked with my guidance counselor and I’m all set for next year. Oh and you’ll like this, she even got on me about my B+ grades too…so hey, did you put her up to that?” He said with his most charming styled “smooth things over ” voice he could muster.

Which of course worked.


Chuckling into the receiver I said “Buddy?” I’ll see you in about 20 minutes…” “Okay Mama!!” He replied.



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