a mundane approach…


My kids used to be fun and unpredictable, before this winter set in. Now they’re zombies. “Mom do you realize we’ve only been in  school for about a week this whole month?” The doll asked me. Thinking back on the available days they have been in school, she’s right! Sad thing is, they will probably have tomorrow off as well–due to the extreme cold temperatures.  Dear God they will still be in school come July-at this rate!


The boy, who likes to believe he knows everything, decided to lecture me on the merits of television programs. “Mom, Big Bang Theory is funniest TV show ever, hands down” He insisted. “Bud, just because you resemble several members of the cast….” “Ah yes, not quite! But seriously, this comedy is rich in stories and awkward moments.” He explained. “Yes, you’re right. Big Bang Theory is hilarious. But not as hilarious as say Frasier or Seinfeld.” I replied.

Overhearing our discussion, his father jumped in adding, “Frasier no doubt  is in the top ten along with Cheers and The Cosby Show. But  Seinfeld? Hardly”. “Dad, I concur I mean how can a show about nothing be considered funny?” The boy said attempting to side with his father. ” “Actually if we were to really go back and look at comedies of all time, we must include I love Lucy and the Three Stooges” I explained. “The Three Stooges are dumb!” the boy and his father agreed. “No…you two are dumb. They are classic-just like the Marx brothers, Laurel and Hardy of Abbot and Costello… But if we really go back we need to include the silent film actors Harold Lloyd  and  Charlie Chaplin.” I argued as our conversation fell to a draw.  Looking back at the boy, I noticed his eyes glassing over the longer I talked. “Bay, perhaps in your era…being about quote, unquote two years or so, The Big Bang Theory rates high on your list of comedies…but you cannot claim “All Time” without considering the fore bearers of the genre.” I explained.

Standing up, the boy approached me; his face sporting a grin.  Leaning over, he then pat the top of my head; then with a condescending tone to his voice he said, “This coming from someone who thought a show about nothing was funny.”

Yep…we’re pretty bored these snow days…


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