the edge of millennary…


The boy picked up the phone receiver and replied “Whoo hoo” when I broke the news to him that school was in fact closed for another day. “Really?” I asked surprised. “Well now I can finish listening to the Styx” He replied. “The group’s name is Styx, not THE Styx” I corrected. “Yes, yes, I know…I was listening to “Come Sail Away” on Youtube and had to pause it when the phone rang. So goodbye Mama!”

Well now we know what his day will entail…


The doll popped up to see me this morning before I left for work. “You’re off today, though your brother so far is on a delay.” She nodded, wiping the sleep from her eyes before coming over to give me a hug. That’s when I noticed…she had grown another inch. Standing as tall and straight as I could muster; raising my chin I had to lift my feet onto my tip toes so I could nestle my chin on the top of her head. “What? When did you grow again?” I said with slight incredulous tone to my voice. She giggled, then released herself from the hug and began to walk away. “You know you could come with me to Mary Alice’s if you’re too bored at home…” I offered. “No thank you, I’m good. I think I’ll stay here…and grow some more” she said as she walked into her bedroom and closed the door behind her.


You know this winter novelty of having snow days has worn off when teachers are posting on Facebook their eagerness to get back into the classroom. Last night the doll had a minor meltdown when she couldn’t find the information about whether the school would be open or not. “Doll, they may not have posted it yet…heck they may not post until morning…” I offered. “MOM KIDS SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO NO!!” She shouted at me before announcing she was taking her shower. Looking over at her father I said, “I think she’s had too much free time on her hands…” “Ya think?” Came his reply. Later when the school’s closing had been announced she said, “I never ever thought I’d say I’m ready for school….” “To resume?” I finished for her. Nodding she explained “I miss my friends.” “Well the good news is you have basketball practice Wednesday evening…” I offered. “Well at least that’s something” she replied. ”

Thank! God! Yes! It! Is!!”



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