Last week Mrs. K and I were standing at the checkout counter of our local grocery store. She was busy writing her check as I emptied her cart of merchandise onto the conveyor belt for the cashier. Once my task was complete, I noticed a woman in a handicapped cart wheel in behind me so I placed a food separator on the belt, for the cashier. Then I smiled and asked the woman if I could empty her cart onto the conveyor belt for her. Nodding her head in appreciation, she simply replied, “Please”. When all was said and done, the woman smiled at me and wished me a good day; as I did the same to her. “You’re a nice person” Mrs. K informed. “Nah, I’m courteous…well or rather I try to be. Life is easier when we are kind to one another” I replied. “Well Marsha I think you agreed with me but in your long roundabout way” she said giggling.


I was preparing to unload my cart at Costco the other day when the woman in front of me lost a check. I watched it float behind the oblivious woman, coming to settle behind some boxes in the next unattended check out lane. “Ma’am…excuse me, you lost something” I said bending down to pick up the wayward check. “Oh my God, Thank you!!” the woman exclaimed loudly; embarrassing me a bit. I smiled and then went back about my business of unloading my cart. When the woman ahead of me finished paying her bill, she turned back and thanked me once more adding, “You just don’t see that kind of behavior anymore”.


The boy has always been a charmer. No matter where we are, he always manages to charm someone with his gregarious personality, his intelligence and mannerisms. He loves playing the part of the doorman; holding open the door for others, when entering a building and enjoys hearing the accolades which usually accompany the job. The doll on the other hand is shy, sometimes barely speaking above a whisper; but is always kind and courteous when we go out. I like this about my children. They are innately nice and courteous people…which I hope they recognize and like about themselves too, remaining so throughout their lifetime.

We are all interwoven together; millions of tiny threads working together to produce a fabric of life worth living. Sometimes I think the hardest lesson my children will learn is How To Be Respectful to Others, given all the video games and media content out there trying to teach otherwise. As their parent I know I have a responsibility to counteract that constant drone of hate…but I can only do so much. The old axiom “It takes a village to raise a child” really means something here.  As a community; together-isn’t it about time we ALL began acting better toward one another? How about right now, we stop judging and belittling others. We take the focus away from what makes us different, to what we all have in common: Life, Love, Hope.

The roads we all travel intertwine, our threads weave across paths. Who knows, we may even stop and share a drink or two, before moving on. Being kind, courteous, civil and respectful shouldn’t be that difficult…in all honesty it should be mandatory.


Thank you for reading…my 1000 blog for The Mean Mommy’s Memoirs. Who knew I could find so much to write about?


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