alarm clock woes…


This Morning: “It’s not my fault!” the boy yelled up the steps to me.


Last night: “Dude you need to take a shower for school tomorrow…go…” Taking a moment to look up from the game he was playing he replied, “I’m going to get up early tomorrow and take my shower”. “Yeah, right…you overslept this morning…so no, go take your shower now.” I replied. “No seriously mom, I’ll set my alarm and get up early to get my shower in…”


This morning: “Did you take a shower this morning?” I shouted down the steps. “No there wasn’t enough time…” He started to say, before I cut him off, “Because you didn’t wake up early this morning?” “Yes” he replied. “So what you’re saying is you lied to me last night.” “I didn’t lie! I didn’t lie!!” The boy argued. “Did you set your alarm last night?” “No it just always goes off…” “REALLY!?! That’s your excuse.” “Its not an excuse, Mama, it’s true!” He replied. “Did you double check to make sure your alarm was set?” I asked. “Why would I do that?” He replied. “What so your alarm magically sets itself?  Is that what you’re saying?” “I don’t know…but it just usually goes off without me doing anything about it…” he tried to explain. “Then it is your fault for failing to check if the alarm was set–human error bay!” “It’s not my fault I didn’t know I had to set the alarm!!” He argued back while I simply shook my head; dumbfounded how such a bright boy could be soooo dense.

“I wonder… if you went to bed  on time, would that have made a difference…?” I asked. “I went to bed on time!” He said back. “Yeah….what time did you go to sleep?” I asked. “Twelve!!” “Exactly my point…I sent you to bed at ten.” I replied. “Oh….” He accidentally said aloud, before changing his tune…”Wait, I did go to bed at ten.” He tried. “You may have entered your room around ten…but odds are you stayed up playing a video game or watching videos until twelve”. “No, no that’s not what I did.” He said defensively. “Then why did you say twelve? Usually the first answer is the correct one bay…” I argued. “You’re trying to confuse me now too…” He said with a note of resignation.

After a few minutes he looked at me and said, “Mama, you make me quite angry in the morning…” “Human error bay…just accept that you failed and learn from it…” “I didn’t do anything wrong…so what do I have to learn?” He argued back. “Oh, I don’t know….how about learning how to set your alarm…?”

“Oh” he accidentally said aloud.


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