Whether its the calm before the storm….or because I’m welcoming six girls into my house for a birthday sleepover Saturday night;or something altogether different, I don’t know.  But for whatever the reason happens to be, the doll has been a delight with me and I’m eating it up with a spoon. She is on the berm of 12; facing many changes with her body and for once, Mom has the experience of having gone through something similar before–which makes me a valuable resource and not the perceived idiot I usually am.

All last week the doll complained, “Mom, I’ve seriously craving chocolate!” which prompted her to seek permission to make some chocolate chip cookies. I smiled saying, “Sounds familiar”. “What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked.”Well doll, if you take after me, there are a few things you will notice right before your cycle begins…” I began to explain. “First of all, your skin tends to break out more, a few days ahead…” “Oh that’s just great” she replied. “Well, also, you begin craving chocolate…which aids in the creations of zits…” I said “That has to be the worst side effect for eating chocolate, ever.” She replied. “Yes it is.” I agreed. “Usually when I get cravings like this, I just chew gum for a really long time until the craving is over…but I ran out of gum” she said sadly. “Well then you’re in luck…” I said, “There’s a pack of gum on my bathroom vanity if you’d like some…” Shaking her head she replied, “Good to know, but right now, I really want some chocolate chip cookies.” “Is there anything else?” she asked. “Well you know the rest….” I said with a smile. “Oh, moody. Yep I know that one….” she said before leaning in for a hug. “Funny thing too doll….so does everyone else in the house.” I said with a laugh.


“Um Mom…” the doll began a conversation with me. I was seated at the kitchen table playing on the laptop while she was standing next to me, looking down upon my very much in need of a cut and color, head of hair. “Just ew Mom.”   “I know, I know…I just don’t have any time to get it done.” I explained. “Mom, you kind of have streaks…and not in a flattering kind of way either…” She pointed out. “Wow, gee, thanks Dol for your commentary” I replied with a sarcastic ring in my voice. “You’re welcome!” she said cheerfully before moving on to the next thing.




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