are you in my head…?


Scary thought right?

Welcome to Doll thought process of January 2014!!

The doll likes to ask me this question whenever we are arguing. This is her way of trying to win an argument-by throwing me off track with her reasoning…or informing me I’m wrong about my assumptions as to why none of the chores she and the boy were assigned were completed (or started for that matter).

“I was going to do them, but then dad did them instead….” She began. “Your Dad was at work until 4 pm-you’ve been home all day…why didn’t you work on them earlier?” “I just literally finished my blizzard bag (classwork for snow day) a minute ago” she offered as she looked up from her book. “Okay….so…did you take a lunch break” (eye roll). “Or how about once you finished your school work?” (bigger eye roll). “Or…” “Stop it mom. I was taking a break!!”

Taking a break?

Must be nice…

“So what you’re saying is…..if you wait long enough without doing your chores….that your dad will do them for you…?” “Stop it Mom that’s not what I said!” “No, no you didn’t. You simply rolled your eyes at me and shrugged it all off to luck.” “How do you know? Are you Inside my HEAD? No your NOT!” Came her witty reply.

“Thank God I’m not in there doll!” I replied. “But if I were, I’d have constantly reminded you to get off your rump and fold those baskets of clothes that have been resting at your feet since I left for work this morning. I mean its not like it’s out of sight out of mind here.” I said pointing at the full baskets of unfolded clothing. “My job was to change the loads in the basement. The boy’s job was to fold the clothes…” She explained. “Okay…but…you didn’t do that either.” “It doesn’t matter Mom,  it’s the boy’s fault the clothes are not folded, not mine…”

The boy meanwhile has announced he’s felt ill all day and didn’t want to get “his” germs all over the clean clothes.

Quite magnanimous of him huh…

Frankly they have quite a system worked out here…

Excuses…excuses….excuses….and then their father does their chores.

Wish it worked that well in real life.





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