the weird age…


“Mom how have I changed over the years?” the doll asked me the other night. Her usual game to test my memory is “Do you remember?” with me for instance,  “Mom, do you remember when I was younger and we used to have mashed potatoes and gravy with our pot roast?” She asked. “Yes…” “…And I used to put corn atop my potatoes and bury them and then smother them with the gravy. I used to pretend the corn kernels were buried treasure.” “Buried treasure?” I asked remembering her doing so, but never understanding why. “Yep, little kernels of yummy corn treasure…” she explained.

But that’s not what she’s asked and I’m taken aback by her question.

“Oh and mom, not in the easy way…like height and weight-either…” she added to make this exercise more difficult.

How do I answer this dumb question without sounding too sentimental? I mean really, the doll, my baby, my little girl…ugh. Okay I can do this…I tell myself, I can do this…

“Well, for the last few years everything was embarrassing..but now they are just weird” I replied.

“Really? That’s your answer?” She asked as she slumped her shoulders forward, rolled her eyes and then shot me a droll look.

“Yes… The other night at your sleepover, after I tried to embarrass you with the 5678 dance…all your friends laughed and then Nelly said, “That’s something my mom would have done too.” I laughed and said, “Don’t mind me, I’m just weird” and Emily replied, “That’s okay, so am I” and then all of your friends acknowledged they were weird too” I explained. “Well that’s what’s cool about my friends mom. We’re all weird in our own way-but that’s what makes us unique too. I like that we admit we’re weird…”

Looking into her beautiful tricky eyes I said, “I like that too…which shows how you’ve changed. You’re not judging people on face value-like you did as a child…but rather by what they have inside here…” I said first pointing at my heart and then my head. “That’s a pretty cool ability to have doll.”

Satisfied with my answer she excused herself and left the room while I pondered what other great changes lie ahead for my beautiful and lovely doll. God be willing, more cool insights.

Happy 12th!


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