mixed messages….


“Mom, really?” the doll said giving me a dirty look. “Yes, really!” I confirmed. “Whatever!” she replied as we settled around the kitchen table to share some of the giant chocolate cookie I made in place of a birthday cake. “I don’t understand why you are upset…” I said. “Forget it mom, its fine.” She said while simultaneously shooting daggers toward me. “You were going to give me that $20 to spend on your birthday party and I told you to keep it as your present. I mean shoot, a party and twenty bucks I think is pretty fair.” I argued. “MOM I got it!” she replied wishing this conversation would drop….and shortly thereafter it did.

A little while later I looked back across the table and said, “Well since you  already have that twenty bucks  in your possession, I didn’t see the need to purchase a card-so sorry there’s not pretty wrapping you have to open”. “It’s fine” she said in a quiet, disappointed voice. “Well there is this…” I said reaching into my vest pocket and pulling out her real present, an Ipod touch. “I didn’t have time to wrap this either”.

A minute later we determined we should all get our ears examined due to her excited scream–which tried to puncture them.


The doll is home sick today with a stomach bug. I’m not sure if she is truly ill or just excited to play with her new Ipod. Sometimes kids need mental health days… too bad this would have been her first full week of school since before Christmas break.

After an epic battle between her tired mother and the various internet companies needed to set up an account, the doll synced her new ipod with an Itunes account and she was up and running. Best of all, we can send messages back and forth to one another…

Earlier today:

Me: Daddy knows your home…he may call to check on u

Doll: Ok I just woke up like 2 seconds ago so ya

Me: …ya wake up to Ipod texts? hmmm a new alarm system…

Doll: No you didn’t wake me up I woke up on my own mom

Me: Suuuuurrrre

Doll: *sticking out tong* 😐

Me: I thought that was 😛

Doll: ?

Me: Sticking out your tongue P

Doll: *shrug*

Me *LOL*

Doll: Ooookkkkkkaaaaaayyyyy

Yes this new messaging system is going to be fun….


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